1960s flying

1960s Flying Looks Way More Fun Than It Is Today

Unless you have enough spare cash to fly first class, business class or get your own private jet, we can all agree that flying these days is a serious pain in the ass. Literally.

We thought we’d take a look back in history at 1960s flying to see just how much we are missing out. It’s one of those rare examples where things seem to have gotten worse rather than better over the last half a century…

1960s flying was an experience that you actually got dressed up for and enjoyed

Throw on your beautiful travelling clothes and look super stylish in the air – it’s a long way from sweat pants and trainers that you’ll wear on a flight today.

You had as much leg room as you could possibly wish for…

Just look how spacious this is?! The plane seats look more like high-end sofas.

You even had communal areas where cocktails were served and where you could meet other passengers…

An actual sky-high bar, complete with chrome drinks trolleys, cocktail shakers and real glassware.

The crews always looked absolutely fabulous…

Sure, airline crews generally look glamourous today, but in the 60’s days of flying they appear even more groomed. Gorgeous.

They even served entire hams carved in the aisles along with fresh food served by high end chefs…

Can you imagine havin an entire roast sliced up in front of you for your in-flight dinner? No, us neither. These photos prove how tasty plane food can be.

Some planes even came with their own bunk beds for children…

We’re not entirely sure how safe this is (we’re guessing not very!), but still, what an incredible experience for younger travellers.

1960s flying was a much more communal and social experience…

Passengers would mingle mid-air in style and walk freely around the plane.

We won’t condone it but those who fancied lighting up a cigarette were given the option…

Not the best for non-smokers sitting in the same aisle, but a dream come true for nicotine lovers.

Sleeping options were spacious and nearly as nice as your own bed at home…

Seats would fully recline – even in economy sections.

Kids were entertained rather than being wedged into tiny seats…

Every parents dream – a designated kiddy section on the plane for them to play.

We think you’ll agree that 1960s flying was a much better experience than what we have today….

Smaller seats, food that comes from the microwave, regular delays and ridiculous baggage charges – flying has become less of an experience and more of a simple way to get from A to B.

(Photos via… Pan Am, Iberia, Quantas and SAS)

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Big 7 Travel Team
Big 7 Travel Team

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