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The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Haiti

Although Haiti is still recovering from a 2010 earthquake, many of its beautiful landmarks still remain intact. A fascinating country with a rich history, Haiti’s tranquil beaches and mountains will impress any visitor.

Tourism on the island took yet another hit with the 2016 hurricane, so the best way you can help this stunning spot get back on its feet is by paying a visit. Want to capture some Haiti Instagram pics? These are the best places to do so….

1. Labadee

The action-packed port of Labadee is privately leased by Royal Caribbean cruises, who have turned it into a must-visit destination. Soar to the beach on the world’s longest overwater zip line or just chill at one of the beach clubs.


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2. Atis Rezistans

Atis Rezistans is a disturbing/insanely cool museum of sculptures made from salvaged car parts and bones. Sounds strange? It is, but in a good way.

Everything at this Port-Au-Prince gallery is made by local artists, with a strong voodoo theme.


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3. Bassin Bleu

These three blue pools make up one of the prettiest swimming holes in Haiti. The third pool, Bassin Clair, is the best one – a depth of 22 metres with a 10 metre waterfall flowing into it.

Jump off the rocks into the water below if you’re feeling brave.


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4. Gelée Beach

The longest (and most popular) beach in Haiti is an ideal place to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Coconut trees line the shore, the waters are crystal clear and the sand is perfectly white.


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5. Saut-Mathurine Waterfall

The largest waterfall in Haiti, this beauty is located near Camp Perrin and is a great day trip. Bring a picnic and some snorkeling gear and you’ll have a fantastic time diving into the cool waters.


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6. Pic la Selle

Pic la Selle, also called Morne La Selle, is the highest peak in Haiti with a height of 2,680 metres above sea level.

It’s about an 8 hour hike up and back, but those views of the fluffy clouds rolling in over the top of the summit make it all worthwhile.


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7. Citadelle Laferriere

This iconic mountaintop fortress is one of the most popular tourism sites in Haiti, and for good reason.

It’s now a national park and an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll find local guides at the bottom of the mountain offering horseback rides to the top – save yourself the stress of hiking and arrive in style.


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