7 Incredible Amsterdam Hotels

7 Incredible Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam hotels are jam-packed into the city in all shapes and sizes, and are known for their creativity, great design and wonderful service.

In a city as cool and hip as Amsterdam, you won’t want to be spending your trip here staying in a cookie-cutter chain. There’s some fantastic Amsterdam hotels that rival the top luxury names across the world.

From old-world elegance to insanely sleek designs, these are the best places to pop your head on the pillow in the ‘Dam.

Amsterdam Hotels

1. Lloyd Hotel

The big talking point here is the room itself, with a bed big enough for seven people. Yes, really. The hotel room also contains a boardroom – we’re not sure what types of meetings / sleepovers are planned in there, but we’re down.

The rest of the hotel is design heaven.

Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam

2. The Dylan Amsterdam

The Dylan Amsterdam is a small luxury boutique hotel that packs in so much amazing design and is truly unique. It’s even home to its very own Michelin-starred restaurant. Amazing food and an even better sleep await.

The Dylan Amsterdam

3. Crane Hotel Faralda

Only in Amsterdam would somebody be mad enough to turn a large shipyard crane into a high-end hotel. This unusual hotel comes with stunning views,  three luxury suites and a hot tub that overlooks the entire city.

Amsterdam Hotels

4. Hotel Not Hotel

Every single room in this hotel has been treated as though it is a work of art, in that they’re all unique and each room was designed by different artists. The end result? A hotel like no other in the world, where every time you stay you’ll have a new experience.

Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam

5. Hotel The Exchange

Hotel The Exchange call themselves a “fashion hotel”, with unique rooms ranging from 1-5 stars that vary in price accordingly. Rooms are dressed like models on the runway by young fashion designers from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

Hotel The Exchange in Amsterdam

6. The Student Hotel

The Student Hotels have two locations in the city and are all about a high-end feeling hotel at affordable prices. Throw in co-working spaces, a hip gym, as well as bars and restaurants that are popular with locals and it’s a wonderful place to spend some time.

The Student Hotel

7. art’otel amsterdam

Part-art-gallery, part-hotel. The rooms at art’otel contain contemporary art, and there’s also a fantastic gallery that adjoins the hotel. Be sure to schedule in some time to use the sleek gym and drink the hotel bar’s delicious cocktails.

art'otel amsterdam



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