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How To Travel The World By Yourself – Without Actually Going Solo

If you want to explore the world that little but more but can’t find a travel buddy, don’t give up your wanderlust dreams just yet. It can be daunting to visit somewhere new completely by yourself, yet oh-so rewarding. Solo travel is the way to go. But still, how do you go to the bathroom with nobody to mind your stuff? What if you get lonely during the trip?

This is where group solo travel comes in very handy. You basically enjoy all the independence of travelling by yourself but you have the backup and company (if you want it) of a small group of like-minded people. Maybe you just want to find your footing before setting off on a bigger solo adventure.

One such travel organisation that excels at this is G Adventures.

The Big 7 team are huge fans of these sort of trips – here’s our top tips for travelling the world without actually being alone. Best of both worlds.

Why travel solo, yet in a group?

It’s the most exhilarating experience to head off to the airport completely by yourself, and wake up in a new destination feeling that you’ll discover things that day that you and only you will understand.

Travelling solo is a huge confidence booster and you’ll return feeling empowered, no doubt about it. Travelling solo to join an organised group trip will give you the same feeling, but you’ll have the bonus of hanging out with other people and having all your transportation and hotels pre-arranged.


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Where’s the best places to visit?

We recommend taking advantage of joining a group trip for destinations that might be that little bit trickier to navigate by yourself, especially for inexperienced travellers. In India for example, it’s near impossible to book train tickets online, so if you travelled totally by yourself you would be spending a lot of time in the ticket queues.

Group trips will have that all sorted for you. Most cities are easy to settle into and you can meet people in your hostel or at local Meet Up groups, so join tours for places like rural South America or remote island hopping.


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What’s so great about G Adventures?

When you join a G Adventures tour, they’ll give your trip structure, direction, but also plenty of free time. Unlike many other trip companies, they treat single travellers the same as the rest of the group, so they don’t charge single supplements. You can share with a same-sex roommate or have your own room.

Every trip is led by a Chief Experience Officer (CEO) who will sort out the entire itinerary as well as tell you about the local culture and the best places to eat and drink in each spot. You can join in with the group for dinner or just head off to the market by yourself in the morning.

The best thing is that you determine whether you want to stick with the group or go it alone. You never feel like you’re on some sort of lame ‘paint-by-numbers’ tourist tour.

Oh, and from our experience the people in your group are usually SO nice. You’ll leave with mates for life.


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5 of the best once-in-a-lifetime trip itineraries:

These are the trips we’re currently eyeing up to book with G Adventures…

Antartica Classic: 11 Days

This 11-day expedition will introduce you to the magic of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Encounter huge whales, enormous rookeries of penguins, and stunning landscapes few have ever witnessed.

The Great Southern Africa Safari: 21 Days

Keep your sense of wonder at the ready on a 21-day adventure that takes in the iconic sights of Southern Africa. Fall for Cape Town’s remarkable beauty, feel the power of Victoria Falls reverberate in your core, and watch for the “big five” alongside a researcher from National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.

Local Living Ecuador—Amazon Jungle: 7 Days

From Quito, you’ll travel to your new home in the jungle and meet the Quichua family who will host you in their village for the next four nights. Discover waterfalls on jungle walks and travel to an animal rescue centre by canoe.

Best of Borneo: 12 Days

Experience the limestone cliffs of Mulu National Park and its famed bat exodus; encounter the orangutans of Sepilok; set off on a river cruise in search of elusive Bornean pygmy elephants and discover the Lipad mud volcano.

Iconic China: Beijing to Tibet: 15 Days

Explore China like an insider on this 15-day adventure across its awe-inspiring interior. Go for a walk on the Great Wall, explore the bustling city of Beijing, and meet pandas at a breeding centre in Sichuan.

… And how to take the perfect solo selfie:

Because let’s face it, you can’t be asking your new friends to take 1,000 photos of you every single day.

Use a a gorilla pod to keep your camera in the position you want it, and then set it on a timer. Or, if using your phone, it’s handy to have a wireless remote that you can press to take that perfect shot.


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You’ll be travelling the world by yourself before you know it – you gotta take that first step. Check out more travel inspiration here.

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