InterContinental Shangai

Take A Look At The World’s First Underground Hotel

We’ve seen skyscraper hotels, dog-shaped hotels and even underwater hotels, but have you ever imagined what it would be like to stay in an underground hotel?

The world’s first ever underground hotel recently opened in Shanghai, China. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is a bold piece of architectural design, which has been built directly into the side wall of a quarry.

Guests will sleep 88 metres underground with views of the quarry cliffside

16 of the 18 storeys are literally in the rock, so you’ll get a pretty scenic view.

intercontinental hotel shanghai

Two floors are completely underwater, and six underwater suites have their own saltwater aquarium

The quarry has been filled with water, and every night a dazzling light show is visible from the hotel room balconies. Guests can also kayak across the quarry and go rock climbing.

Imagine falling asleep in this beautiful room?

intercontinental hotel shanghai

There’s also a ground-level rooftop garden and a glass-enclosed waterfall running through the hotel

Oh, and a helicopter pad on the roof if you want to really make an entrance. 10 years in the making and $300 million later, this hotel is certainly making a statement.

intercontinental hotel shanghai

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