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The Top 10 Most Visited Countries In The World – 2019

As the world becomes more connected via low cost air travel and technology – including social media – the number of tourists travelling the world is on the rise. But what are the world’s most visited countries?

But where exactly do people like to go, and what are the most visited countries?

Our research shows the countries with the highest number of tourists a year, so you can either tag along with the crowds to the popular destinations or skip them altogether in search of something quieter.

World’s Most Visited Countries

10th. Thailand – 35.4 million visitors a year

Sandy beaches, wonderful cuisine and friendly locals ensure that Thailand is one of the most visited counties in the world year after year.

They call it the “Land of 1000 smiles” and an ever increasing amount of tourists seem to be happy coming here.


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9th. Germany – 37.5 million

Sitting at the centre of Europe is this economic powerhouse that offers so much to visitors from around the world. From large modern cities to forests, medieval towns and industry, there are endless reasons to come to Germany including the iconic capital Berlin.


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8th. Turkey – 37.6 million

Turkey has always been the crossroads between the East and the West and attracts tourists to its sandy beaches, rich mountains and large bustling cities.

A simmering melting pot of culture and great food makes it a joy to visit.


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7th. United Kingdom – 37.7 million

The U.K has always had a strong presence on the global stage with the capital London being a driving force for tourism growth. The royal family, great sports, culture, museums and a rich and varied coastline helps attract people from all over the world.


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6th. Mexico – 39.3 million

Some of the nicest beaches in the world, food loved by many knowing how to have a good time puts Mexico in the top 10 of the most visited countries. Also helped by its affordability.


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5th. Italy – 58.3 million

What’s not to love about Italy? It has great history, food that is loved and eaten around the world coupled with passionate locals and scenery that takes the breath away. The list of reasons to visit Italy is endless.


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4th. China – 60.7 million

You probably think of the biggest country in the world in terms of being tourists themselves and visiting the world but inbound tourism to China is booming. One of the most visited countries and the economic powerhouse has a vast amount of reasons for people to visit including culture and bustling modern cities.


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3rd. USA – 76.9 million

America is the ultimate country that offers everything a tourist could ever wish for. With 50 diverse states, you’ll find stunning scenery and nature alongside some of the best known cities in the world.


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2nd. Spain – 81.8 million

The Spanish know how to live life well and have always embraced global tourism as a key part of their economy. Best known for the sunny climate and beaches, but throw in great food at affordable prices and it is a dream destination for many.


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1st. France – 86.9 million

The most visited country in the world and not hard to see why. Arguably the best food in the world, great skiing, pristine beaches and a general way of living life well that attracts people from all over the world. Throw in Paris as the jewel in the crown and it’s not hard to see why they top the list.


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