Mount Cook road

Is This The Most Beautiful Road In The World?

In central South Island of New Zealand, you’ll find Mount Cook Road. Not just any ordinary road, this is an exceptionally scenic drive that follows the length of Lake Pukaki, a glacial lake that has become famous for its milky-blue colour.

In fact, Mount Cook Road is often considered to be the most beautiful road in the world. At 54.7 km long, Mount Cook Road itself is pretty straight with no bends, so it allows for easy driving to admire the view of the snow-capped mountain in the distance.

Start your journey in the lakeside town of Wanaka to drive through alpine meadows, remote farmland and turquoise canals. From Wanaka to Mt Cook, the drive is 199 km, but give yourself at least half-a-day for coffee and photograph stops.

These are the best views along the route:

  1. Peter’s Lookout, for a view over Lake Pukaki
  2. The one-lane bridge near Canal Road
  3. Just before Mt.Cook village, the road has a long stretch that faces directly at Mt. Sefton
  4. The lupine fields along Lake Tekapo

These beautiful views might just convince you…

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