The Incredible Airline Cheeseboard

Passenger Creates Incredible Cheese Platter From Airline Snacks

Have you ever felt yourself incredibly bored on a long haul flight and craving some decent food while wedged into the economy section of the plane? We feel ya.

That’s exactly what happened to passenger Marissa Mullen, who happens to run a popular cheese-loving Instagram account, website and Twitter. When it comes to cheese plates, she’s the woman in the know. She had just the idea to pass a little time on the 6 hour flight…

Marissa challenged herself and brought her 50,000 Instagram followers along for the ride..

Airline Cheeseboard

One crew member even found her a box of Salami, the key ingredient to take things to the next level…

We think you’ll agree that the inventiveness, creativity and end result here are spectacular. Take a bow everybody involved.

Airline Cheese Platter
Jet Blue Passenger creates cheeseboard
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Big 7 Travel Team
Big 7 Travel Team

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