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The 50 Best Irish Bars In America

One of the best staples of American life is a great, local, Irish bar. A place for good beer, comfort food and plenty of laughs with friends.

While the craic might not be as good as in a traditional pub in the west of Ireland, the best Irish bars outside of the Emerald Isle manage to bring the Irish spirit to where ever they are.

We wanted to help you out by finding the 50 best Irish bars in America. Big 7 Travel’s expert team sourced the absolute best Irish bars in the country – from every state. Never be stuck for a pint of the black stuff again.

1. O’Daly’s Irish Pub – Mobile, Alabama

O’Daly’s is actually a combination of three bars, that are spread over one block. The perfect place for a big night out.

2. McGinleys – Anchorage, Alaska

McGinleys is about as Irish as a pub can get, with passionate owners who even have a great corned beef and cabbage special dish on the menu.

3. Rúla Búla – Tempe, Arizona

A proper Irish pub that looks as close to the real thing as anything “you would get back home”. A solid place for a few pints and some great stories.

4. Dugan’s Pub – Little Rock, Arkansas

Dugan’s is a great sports bar with top quality food. The sort of place you’d come with a few friends and watch a couple of games, without even noticing the time flying by.

5. Jameson’s Irish Pub – Los Angeles, California

This LA classic is a super Irish pub that has absolutely everything you could need – from huge TVs for sport to great food, drinks specials and a cracking atmosphere.

6. Jack Quinn’s – Colorado Springs, Colorado

A brilliant long-shaped bar with friendly owners who have a strong focus on music and keeping the atmosphere authentic and upbeat. You’ll always leave here in a great mood.

7. Grace O’Malley’s – Fairfield, Connecticut

This is a seriously authentic Irish bar, with their Irish-style toasted sandwiches being the classic example. A great overall food menu, a daily happy hour and all the sports on the big screens.

8. Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant – Milton, Delaware

This Delaware local has a big focus on food and hosting community events. Their traditional Irish dishes are as close to being on the Emerald Isle as you can get, with some absolute classics to choose from.

9. Lizzy McCormack’s – Orlando, Florida

There are bigger bars with more expensive fit outs in the area, but this is the real deal when it comes to being authentic and creating a proper Irish atmosphere. A top pick for a big night out.

10. Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub – Milton, Georgia

Olde Blind Dog is a super cosy pub with a world-class fit out; it also has a great food menu. Just an all round wonderful setting and it’s family friendly too.

11. Ferguson’s – Honolulu, Hawaii

This is a real proper Irish pub, just like you’d see in Ireland with the high stools and a focus on serving good drinks rather than a million other unneeded distractions. A place for great conversations and a pint.

12. The Celt Pub And Grill – Idaho Falls, Idaho

A great big lively Irish pub where you can easily spend the whole night until late, after finishing some of their great food of course. The steak is to die for.

13. Morrison’s Irish Pub – Alton, Illinois

It is not unusual to see customers in Morrison’s pub burst into song – so, it’s safe to say it’s seriously good fun in here. ‘My Goodness, My Guinness!’ – you’ll love the pints here.

14. Nine Irish Brothers – Indianapolis, Indiana

Their combination of tasty Irish food and a relaxed chilled vibe that is made for catching up with friends makes this stand out. The bar has won multiple awards and it’s not hard to see why.

15. Donnelly’s Pub – Iowa

A cosy pub with Irish charm oozing out of it. They do great drinks specials and a happy hour that would rival any in the city.

16. Conroys Public House – Westwood Kansas

Conroys is a great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner – just make sure you wash down all that comfort grub with one of the best pints of Guinness in America.

17. Molly Malone’s Irish Pub – Kentucky

Molly Malone’s is an authentic Irish owned and operated restaurant & pub, with great food, drinks and friendly service, right across the Roebling bridge from Cincinnati. It cosy atmosphere and super friendly staff will have you become a regular.

18. Happy’s Irish Pub –  Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Happy’s Irish Pub is full of old world charm – when you walk into this bar you instantly feel at home. A huge selection of beers and knowledgeable staff to talk you through the drinks means you’ll end up trying something new every time.

19. Rí Rá – Portland, Maine

The place is built around their superb Irish pub menu and while that will draw you in at first, it’s the perfectly poured drinks that will keep you here long into the evening.

20. An Poitin Stil – Lutherville, Maryland

Blink and you could miss this place – it’s tiny – but once you get inside you enter a world that looks like it’s been transported straight from Ireland, with unreal food and great drinks.

21. The Plough and Stars – Massachusetts

The Plough and Stars isn’t only one of the best Irish bars in the country, but one of the best bars full stop. They’ve a big focus on live music and the place is always absolutely buzzing.

22. McShane’s Irish Pub & Whiskey Bar – Detroit, Michigan

McShane’s has superb collection of whiskeys, with the added bonus that they have an outdoor area for when the sun shines. A great place to spend some time with friends.

23. Claddagh Irish Pub – Gove, Minnesota

A proper big Irish pub that is lovely and welcoming, where the staff have everything down to a fine tee and everything just runs perfectly.

24. Fenian’s Pub – Jackson, Mississippi

Come here for great, simple Irish food and a really buzzy bar with plenty of high stools. The sort of place you’d come for one drink and stay hours. Trust us.

25. Paddy Malone’s Pub – Jefferson city, Missouri

Paddy Malone’s is a warm, cosy bar that feels like being back home in Ireland and is about as far away as the slick big ‘super bars’ you see in cities today. Great food and live music.

26. Celtic Cowboy – Great Falls, Montana

Celtic Cowboy have a huge selection of proper Irish beers on tap and bar staff who are happy to converse and make you feel at home when drinking here. The best of both worlds – beer and chats.

27. Brazen Head – Omaha, Nebraska

You might first come to Omaha’s Brazen Head for the delicious food, but you’ll return for many an evening talking with friends and enjoying the lively Irish atmosphere.

28. McMullan’s Irish Pub – Las Vegas, Nevada

While Vegas isn’t short of things to do or places to drink, sitting in here sipping one of their beautiful whiskeys is sheer perfection. A beautiful little watering hole.

29. The Shannon Door – Jackson, New Hampshire

The Shannon Door feels like walking into someone’s house – when you first set foot in here the hospitality and friendly buzz make it feel so, so homely. Grab a drink and get comfy.

30. P.J. Sweeney’s – Brick, New Jersey

P.J Sweeney’s is a hive of activity in the area, thanks to their popular events and great food -and of course the perfect pints of Guinness, which are among the best in the country.

31. O’Neills – Albuquerque, New Mexico

O’Neills have two locations in New Mexico, so you’ve no excuse not to stop by. These bars are higher- end and more plush than most Irish bars, but the ambience and buzz is still right on the money.

32. McSorley’s Old Ale House – New York

One of the most famous and iconic Irish bars in the USA. Stepping in here like thousands have before you, feels like a rite of passage. You can’t visit NYC without a pint or whiskey in here.

33. Trali Irish Pub – Raleigh, North Carolina

This wonderfully stocked bar is full of some of the best Irish whiskeys you’ll ever sip on. Let’s not forget about the staff who know exactly what they are talking about to guide your choices.

34.  Blarney Stone Pub – Bismarck, North Dakota

With great Irish food, a really good value Happy Hour and a buzzy crowd this is everything you could ever want from an Irish pub.

35. Sully’s Irish Bar – Medina, Ohio

Sully’s is a brilliant bar that places a huge emphasis on live music. It’s the perfect place for having a proper night out that you’ll be talking about for weeks to come.

36. James E. McNellie’s – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

They do incredible Irish food here, that is perfect for pairing up with their big creamy pints of Guinness. An added bonus is you can spill outside to the patio when the weather warms up.

37. Nana’s Irish Pub – Newport, Oregon

Nana’s have a strong focus on always improving their selection of beers, whiskeys and cocktails. The perfect haven for somebody looking to escape for an after-work beverage.

38.  Garryowen Irish Pub – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Garrowen’s specialise in live music, great food and hosting cracking parties for every sort of occasion. A wonderful place to while away a couple of hours and try out their beers.

39. McBride’s Pub – Providence, Rhode Island

McBride’s is allll about their food which is very traditional (make sure to try the fish and chips) and will make you think of Ireland. Wash it down with a big pint of Guinness.

40. McGee’s – Anderson,  South Carolina

Unusually, McGee’s bill themselves as an Irish and Scottish bar which we are A-OK. Look, when a bar has such a great combination of Celtic blood and ambience you are onto a winner.

41. McNally’s – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

With rich warm wooden details lit by reflective copper ceilings, lively music and laughter, the restaurant/bar is a lovely place to catch up with friends when you want something a bit cosier.

42. Celtic Crossing Irish Pub – Memphis, Tennessee

Celtic Crossing Irish Pub opened in 2005 in this iconic building and have been going strong ever since. The perfect place for a pint and some guaranteed craic.

43. Shay McElroy’s Irish Pub – Houston, Texas

Escape the Texan heat and come in and try one of their large selection of beers. You’ll come in for “one” but might end up meeting somebody, getting talking and staying for the night. And who could blame you?

44. Patrick’s Pub – Salt Lake City, Utah

Patrick’s Pub is quite unusual in its design by normal Irish pub standards, but the staff are super friendly and as soon as you walk in the door you’ll be charmed.

45. Mulligan’s Irish Pub – Barre, Vermont

They say themselves that “the food is always hot and the beer is always cold” so you can’t really ask for more than that. Mulligan’s outside seating is ideal for summer drinks.

46. Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub – Virginia

What makes an Irish pub great instead of just very good, is a proper fire. When you sit in here sipping your pint you’ll be in heaven.

47. Mulleady’s Irish Pub – Seattle, Washington

An absolutely stunning bar that has been cleverly styled to perfection, yet at the same time feels like it has been transported directly from Ireland.

48. Meagher’s – Bridgeport, West Virginia

Meagher’s has a great Irish-American menu with some classic dishes, they run super events on a regular basis and it’s generally just a fun place to spend time in. Check, check, check.

49. McGuinness – Appleton, Wisconsin

This is so much more than just a pub – it’s a real connecting point for the local Irish community. With a full schedule of events and reasons to keep you coming back, which is a good thing.

50. O’Dwyers Public House – Laramie, Wyoming

O’Dwyers pride themselves on having staff “that care” and along with their two large function rooms and some quality beverages, it’s the sort of place you’ll never want to leave.


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Robert Evans

Kelly’s Logan house in Delaware is the oldest continuous family-owned Irish bar in America. (1864) Surprised it’s not on the list.


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