Yorkshire Bucket List

Yorkshire Foodie Bucket List: 21 Dishes To Try Before You Die

Yorkshire is by far the biggest county in England, and with its scenic rural areas and large bustling cities there’s something for everybody here on the North of England.

It’s also home to some of the best food in the entire country, with a rich and diverse background of culinary styles and unique dishes. Want some juicy steak or a big hearty pie? You’ve come to the right place, our fellow greedy folk.

We’ve rounded up the 21 tastiest things that you absolutely have to eat when visiting Yorkshire…

1. 32 Oz Steak – The Rythre Arms Steakhouse

This cosy spot serves up some of the most epic steaks you’ll ever see. They’re happy to show you the juicy 32oz steak before cooking it up to perfection. With meat that good along with sides like onion rings, you are in for a serious treat meal.

2. Yorkshire Pudding Wrap – The York Roast Company

What’s not to love about an entire roast dinner inside a Yorkshire pudding wrap? This is a busy spot that has gained worldwide media coverage for their wrap. One bite and you’ll see it’s well deserved.

3. Tasting Menu – The Man Behind The Curtain

Here’s where you’ll find some of the most exciting and inventive cooking in the UK. Each dish is like a work of art and the food (such as the Fois Gras Doughnuts below) is always superb.

4. Curry, Beer And Naan – Cutlers Spice

You’ll find these guys in Sheffield, serving up great curries and pairing them with a solid range of beers to compliment the dining experience. Food doesn’t get much better than this.

5. Chocolate Ice Cream – G & Ts Ice Cream

This Ripon shop has a great range of cakes, sweet treats and of course absolutely incredible ice creams. Their chocolate scoop is rich, dark and utterly delicious.

6. Black Pudding Fois Gras – The Star Inn

The Star Inn does Michelin-star cooking that’s precise without being overly fussy and pretentious. The combination of flavours in this rich black pudding dish is simple culinary perfection.

7. Pizza – Pizza Fella

This is easily the best pizza in Leeds, with spectacular doughy bases and really top quality ingredients used. You don’t need to mess up perfection with too many toppings, so keep it simple and let the ingredients shine through.

8. Ice Cream Sandwich – Black Swan Olstead

Ice cream sandwiches are always a delight, but when they’re created in a Michelin-star restaurant they’re then going to another level. Black Swan Olstead nails it.

9. Classic Burger – Almost Famous

Their burgers are huge, packed with flavour and some of the most beautiful meaty creations you are ever likely to see. The definition of droolworthy.

10. Afternoon Tea – The Grand York

A beautiful 5-star hotel in the centre of York that pulls out all the stops when it comes to a magical afternoon tea experience. Splash out and take it to another level with some Champagne to wash it all down.

11. Sunday Roast – The Copper Horse

The whole county is known for amazing Sunday roasts, but few come as close to perfection as this. Epic portion sizes and great wines to match it.

12. Classic Meat Pie – The Hull Pie Bakery

It seems cruel to pick just one pie in a whole county that does them so well, but this Hull bakery cooks up some stunning varieties. The classic meat and gravy filling can’t be ignored though.

13. Mixed Seafood – Graveleys Of Harrogate

Graveleys is a super restaurant known for its wonderful seafood selection. Plenty to choose from on the menu, including specials, but go for the mixed seafood to get a little bit of everything.

14. Charcuterie – The Foundry

The Foundry does brilliant simple modern cooking in Leeds, and are super focused on the quality of ingredients. Their sharing platters are an absolute joy.

15. Bubble And Squeak – The Pipe And Glass

A Michelin-starred pub creating one of the most famous dishes in the country? What. A. Treat. They do it with such skill, whilst not over complicating a classic.

16. Thali – Tharavadu

The round platters that are served in this Leeds restaurant are¬†outrageously good. Tharavadu repeatedly win awards at a national level for their cooking, and they’re well deserved.

17. Stolen Buns – The Pig And Pastry

The Pig and Pastry brilliant cafe in York that has a passionate customer base and when these deliciously flaky buns are on the menu, they fly out the door.

18. Fried Chicken Burger – Yard And Coop

Their fried chicken burger comes with a hash brown inserted inside and is melt in the mouth good. Super crispy, and oh-so-satisfying.

19. Fish And Chips – 149 Fish And Chips

They’ve won countless awards and even hosted the Royals on a visit for their famous fish and chips. Incredible, thick chunky white fish.

20. Duck Breast And Leg – The Box Tree

The Box Tree is ne of the most famous restaurants in the country, cooking up super fine dining options. Their duck breast dish is something you will never forget eating.

21. Avocado And Eggs – Fettle Cafe

Fettle Cafe in Leeds is an absolutely cracking spot for brunch at the weekends and you’d be foolish to look past this dish, So simple in theory, but they take it to another level.

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