The 7 Best Toronto Burger

The 7 Best Burgers In Toronto

Finding yourself in Toronto with an absolute craving for a beautiful burger? Fear not – we’ve got just the thing. Not only does Big 7 Travel have the official ranking of the 50 Best Burgers in Canada, here’s seven amazing spots just in Toronto for a juicy burger.

From classic diners to gourmet patties, here’s the best burgers in the city…

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1. Rudy – Toronto, Ontario

Rudy has two locations in the city, so they’re keeping their super loyal customers happy. The menu is small and concise and if you want an extra bonus, a side of their pickles will round off an incredible burger experience.

Toronto burger

2. Holy Chuck -Toronto, Ontario

Holy Chuck is often voted the best burger in Toronto and it’s not hard to see why. This is the place to come if you have a serious appetite to try their triple decker. So tasty that these burgers should nearly be illegal. But then where’s the fun in that?

Holy Chuck Hamburgers in Toronto

3. The Carbon Bar – Toronto, Ontario

The Carbon Bar is a Southern-inspired place where meat is king. The Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger comes with a 7oz. beef patty, smoked bacon, mustard, house made jalapeno cheese, dill pickle, burnt onion aioli, buttermilk fried shallots, iceberg lettuce, and side of fries. Drool worthy.

The Carbon Bar in Toronto

4. Planta Burger – Toronto, Ontario

Think burgers have to be beef to be tasty AF? Think again. Planta Burger does incredibly tasty burgers, all without the use of any animal products. Mushroom and lentil patties, BBQ jackfruit and black kale slaw are just some of what’s on offer.

Planta Burger in Toronto

5. The Burgernator – Toronto, Ontario

The Burgernator is on a quest to rid the city of overcooked burgers, processed cheese and questionable toppings, and oh boy are they doing a great job. Bonus points for creative names such as Atomic Burger (which comes with a devilishly good deep-fried herb-crusted cheese) and Drop Down And Give Me Spicy.

The Burgernator

6. The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder – Toronto, Ontario

This small Southern BBQ diner is a St. Clair favourite, with most people opting to get their perfectly charred meaty meals to take-out. The menu here is nicely simple—sandwiches, burgers, fried chicken and out of this world ribs. The burgers are thick, juicy and melt in your mouth.

The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder

7. Golden Star – Toronto, Ontario

An absolutely classic local diner, Golden Star has been feeding generations their drool worthy burgers since 1964. The juicy, homemade burgers are legendary in the Thornhill area and it’s a much loved family eatery. Once you try the burgers you’ll understand why it’s so popular.

Golden Star Burger

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