The 7 Best Coffee In Calgary

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Calgary

Looking for the absolute best coffee in Calgary? We’ve got you covered. After revealing the best coffee shops across Canada, we’ve dug a little deeper into what’s getting Calgarians caffeinated.

These are the spots to hit up when you want a consistently good brew…

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1. Monogram Coffee

They have over 20 years of experience in sourcing, roasting and serving the very best coffee going. With three locations in the city, you’ll always be close to your fix.

Monogram Coffee in Calgary

2. Analog Coffee 

Analog Coffee has quickly grown into having nine cafes, but that doesn’t mean they feel like a chain. Their focus on farmers markets and unique drinks keep their customers excited and coming back.

Analog Coffee 

3. Phil & Sebastian 

You could argue that the focus of their business is mainly online subscriptions but that would be doing a disservice to their absolutely gorgeous stores. Like walking into a coffee inspired palace.

Best coffee Calgary

4. Philosafy

Simple and stylish cafes where they keep the menu simple and focus on quality. You never leave here with a bad cup and their iced coffee during the warmer months is the stuff of dreams.

Philosafy Cafe

5. Rosso Coffee Roaster 

Another business who source their coffee ethically while telling their story super well via their social media channels. Big focus on wholesale online but the stores are superb too.

Rosso Coffee Roaster

6. Higher Ground

Serving organic coffee that is fair trade, bird friendly, and rainforest alliance certified, this large Kensington coffee house is a relaxing spot to get some work done or visit with friends.

Higher Ground Cafe in Calgary

7. Caffé Beano

Caffé Beano
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