Best vegan restaurants Europe

The 50 Best Vegan Restaurants In Europe

Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle choices of the moment, yet there’s still an idea that vegan food can be bland and tasteless. Well, that’s just not true. Plant produce is an exciting and delicious way to eat and it’s healthy AF.

Big 7 Travel has scoured the globe for the restaurants that are pushing plant-based eating into a new light. From tiny vegan bistros to ethical fine dining experiences and fish-free sushi joints, these are the best of the best.

While not all finalists have a 100% plant menu, they all play their part in promoting vegan choices and opening up the conversation towards a plant-based lifestyle.

The 50 Best Vegan Restaurants in Europe 2019 showcase how creative vegan dishes can be. Whether you’ve made the switch to veganism or not, these restaurants are a must-visit. Get ready for some serious food envy…

The judging criteria:

  • Finalists were selected from across the European Union
  • Restaurants were chosen on their dedication to plant-based food and sustainable and seasonal menus; while not all finalists have a 100% plant menu, they all play their part in promoting vegan choices and opening up the conversation towards a plant-based lifestyle
  • Votes were cast in poll of Big 7 readers, across our 1.5million community on social media and by a panel of food experts
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating
  • Did we miss out on any hidden vegan super-kitchens? Please do let us know!

Best vegan-friendly restaurants in Europe

50th. Frittenwerk – Frankfurt, Germany

This casual snack bar does incredible fries and Poutine – that heavenly Canadian snack. They do have meat options but also have lots for vegans, including a vegan bolognese topping and falafel. Their golden yellow fries get an extra crunchy crust and at the same time a juicy-soft core.

49th. Fat Pumpkin – Riga, Latvia

Fat Pumpkin is a cosy all-vegan restaurant in Riga’s Old Town that does casual food all day long. Choose from tomato carpaccio with basil cream to start, an avocado or cucumber tartare or hearty sandwiches with crispy tofu and aubergine.

48th. Le Botaniste – Ghent, Belgium

Le Botaniste serves 100% organic, plant-based food and natural wines. Their menu uses only organic produce, with local ingredients as much as possible. Make up your own bowls, get some veggie sushi or have a spicy Moroccan tagine. And of course, a glass of that natural vino to wash it down.

47th. Vegan Ramen Shop – Warsaw, Poland

Two delicious things – vegan grub and ramen – collide in this bright Japanese-style eatery. The ramen here is the real deal:  spicy miso, clear shoyu, tantanum and creamy shiyo. The broth is deliciously umami and the tofu silky. Perfect.

46th. daTerra Bairro Alto – Lisbon, Portugal

DaTerra is a great vegan restaurant that puts on huge buffet spreads for breakfast and lunch, with healthy flavours full of colour and vibrancy inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. Best of all? They even have vegan pasteis de nata!

45th. Cam Domingo – Ibiza, Spain

This fairy-tale restaurant in the hills on the way to San Jose has a vegan tasting menu with plates of food that look like works of art. The vegetables come from the restaurant’s own organic garden and absolutely everything, from pasta and bread to desserts, is homemade.

44th. Blackbird – Gothenburg, Sweden

Blackbird – Vegankök & Bar is one of Gothenburg’s few completely vegan restaurants. They make unique cheeses and tempeh dishes from scratch in their kitchen as well as all seitan products. The menu changes all the time but expect creamy cashew cheese plates, seitan schnitzel with smashed potatoes or Korean BBQ wraps.

43rd. Tassajara – Hamburg, Germany

Tassajara blends ayurvedic and Mediterranean influences to create unique vegan (and lacto-vegetarian) dishes that taste as good as they look. From homebaked cakes, made of whole spelt flour, honey or agave-syrup to a ginger and potato gratin, this is simple and honest food.

42nd. Beet – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Beet is a funky, laid-back vegan restaurant and cafe in the city centre that cooks up colourful dishes with organic, consciously-sourced, local and seasonal ingredients. Menu highlights include a range of falafel dishes, a vegan chilli cheese burger and a pickled daikon and mango Vietnamese-style crispy roll.

41st. Kozmosz – Budapest, Hungary

Want to try some local eats? You can feast on traditional Hungarian dishes that have been ‘veganised’ at this small and cosy place, such as bean goulash, seitan stew with ‘nokedli’ dumplings or ‘cottage-cheese csusza. Their rich chocolate layered-pancake slice is an incredible way to finish things off.

40th. 7 St. Georges Tavern – Paphos, Cyprus

This traditional tavern serves authentic food based on traditional dishes, and wild vegetables, picked by the owners. While it does serve animal products, they also have an amazing vegan mezze of six-10 plates. These vary but could include rice stuffed marrow flowers, bumyas (ochra) cooked in a tomato and mint sauce, black eyed beans with home grown marrow and tomato fritters.

39th. Le Potager de Charlotte – Paris, France

This beautiful vegan restaurant takes a gourmet approach to plant-based cuisine, using  French, local and organic produces from the farmers’ market as much as possible. The menu changes with the seasons but if the lemon tart is there when you visit it’s a must-order. It’s perfectly citrusy and tastes almost buttery. 

38th. Il Margutta – Rome, Italy

This beauty puts a plant spin on modern Roman recipes and is simply outstanding. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner – whatever you eat is healthy, tasty, organic, natural and original.

37th. Balance Bowl – Gzira, Malta 

Balance Bowl offers home made, healthy, affordable vegan meals. Starters include a tasty Portobello mushrooms and onions salad with yoghurt dip. Bonus points for their “Unlimited Nutrition Bar”, which is an all-you-can-eat buffet of flavoursome salads, grains and pasta.

36th. Maitrea – Prague, Czech Republic

Just a hop away from the Old Town Square, Maitrea is one of Prague’s proper plant-based restaurants, with vegetarian menus and a huge range of vegan dishes. There’s a daily specials menu where you can chow down on brown champignons with smoked tofu in vegan cream sauce with peas or a spicy kimchi side.

35th. Zrno Bio Bistro – Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia’s first ever vegan restaurant, Zrno Bio Bistro is still driving the way forward when it comes to delicous plant-based food in the country. They cook with fresh ingredients delivered directly from a nearby organic farm. Dishes are full of flavour and super colourful.

34th. AtayaCaffe – Berlin, Germany

AtayaCaffe has an amazing range of food from Senegal and Sardinia; the restaurant’s menu consists entirely of fresh, seasonal plant-based ingredients, which are 100% organic, vegan and sustainably sourced from local farm cooperatives and partnerships in Italy and Germany. It’s downright delicious.

33rd. Arome – Bucharest, Romania

Arome is a flavourful urban café located in the heart of Bucharest – it’s hip and sleek which does local dishes that have a vegan twist. The are some dairy products on the menu but the vegan options are superb.

32nd. Sesamo – Barcelona, Spain

One of the city’s yummiest restaurants, Sesamo is a tapas-style place that’s ideal for a night out with friends. Although the menu does feature some dairy products, they adapt well for vegan options. Food is full of flavour and perfectly Spanish.

31st. Sanskruti – Liverpool, United Kingdom

Sanskruti’s vegan and vegetarian menu has all the best flavours of the Indian sub-continent. Their Pani Puris are just the right amount of crispiness and flavour, and they also do South Indian dosas and daal. Ideal for a hearty feast.

30th. 42 Degrés – Paris, France

100% vegan and insanely good, 42 Degres has a hyperlocal menu where everything is under 42 degrees celsius – this is raw food done deligthfully. They’re on a mission to combine French gastronomy with an ethical way of cooking. The result? 100% tastiness.

29th. GustaV – Salzburg, Austria

GustaV is a cute cafe with sustainable and delicious breakfast options, salads, gourmet sandwiches and smoothies. It’s casual in all the best ways and is an absolute must-visit when in the area.

28th. Simpsons – Birmingham, United Kingdom

Simpsons is a Michelin-starred restaurant with vegan tasting menus, if you order in advance. It’s one Birmingham’s finest restaurants and is driven by what’s in season. Perfect for a special occasion.

27th. Grön – Helsinki, Finland

For something Nordic but a little different, this is Michelin-starred restaurant is the place to come. The idea behind Grön is to create tasty, focused, plant-based and inspiring food that concentrates on high-quality ingredients. The fine dining food is based on seasonal, organic and wild ingredients as well as Scandinavian produce. They have two menus, one of which is 100% vegan.

26th.  Recollets – Antwerp, Belgium

Missing some comfort food? At this cute vegan eatery you will find classics such as vol-au-vents, macaroni with cheese & bacon and their own cheese croquettes. They use artisanal, Polish vegetable cheeses in the restaurant that taste just as good – if not better – than the real thing.

25th. Kucha – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kucha is a little gem in the heart of Ljubljana that uses carefully selected
locally produced and seasoned raw materials to make an array of plant-based cheeses, breads and sauces, vegetable bowls, and sandwiches. From mushroom stew with white wine and thyme to a chickpea-ricotta pizza, the food here is fantastic.

24th. Vegan Food Project – Lisbon, Portugal

You can’t come to Lisbon and not eat in this vibrant vegan bistro that does daily changing specials. There’s also a set menu of lentil or beet burgers, vegan cheesy sandwiches on homemade bread and desserts.

23rd. Bistro Levél – Madrid, Spain

What’s not to love at this beautiful vegan bistro? The menu includes tempting dishes such as creamy asparagus from Navarra, with by cream of pumpkin and toasted hazelnuts from Piedmont. By taking incredible ingredients from around Spain, they create a menu that ticks all the boxes.

Image: @menchufe

22nd. Bun2Bun – Helsinki, Finland

Bun2Bun is the first 100% vegan hamburger restaurant chain in Finland. The base of their burgers is the world’s first plant-based burger patty created by Beyond Meat™ which tastes, looks and cooks like a traditional burger patty.

Can’t choose which burger to get? The Cheese is especially delicious, especially if you’re the kind of vegan who really misses blue cheese.

21st. Made With Laf – Bratislava, Slovakia

Made with Laf is a lovely vegan bistro on Dunajska Street. Come here during lunch hours and you’ll immediately understand how popular this place is – people are literally queuing in the street. With traditional Slovakian treats that have been made vegan (like a potato roll stuffed with tofu slaninkou with sauerkraut), this is a top spot.

20th. Sova Vegan Food Butcher – Dublin, Ireland

Ireland’s first vegan “butcher”, you’ll find vegan dishes here that are full of creativity. Case in point? The king ‘skallops’ with a buerre blanc sauce (minus the butter) or creamy cashew gnocchi. The only fine dining restaurant in the country with a total plant-based menu. Best of all, it’s BYOB.

19th. V Vegan Restoran – Tallinn, Estonia

This charming place really is  the jewel in the crown of Tallinn’s vegan restaurants. A visit to V will get rid of any thoughts that vegan food is boring – even many meat-lovers rank V as one of their favourite eateries. The 30-seat restaurant is practically always full, so try to book ahead if you can.

18th. VeVe – Copenhagen, Denmark

In a beautiful old warehouse in Østerbro, you’ll find Michelin-starred Kiin Kiin’s vegetarian restaurant Veve. There’s no menu – the chefs create the ever-changing tasting menu from what’s in season, with six chosen snacks and six chosen dishes. It’s lacto-vegetarian but they are more than happy to make all dishes vegan if you ask in advance.

17th. Vegan Food & Sweet Bar – Brno, Czech Republic

This droolworthy all-vegan bakery has recently added savoury food to its menu, but it’s their sweet treats that have earned them their local fans. From creamy vegan gelato to freshly baked doughnuts with indulgent toppings, the goods here prove you don’t need butter or cream for a dessert.

16th. Marits Eetkamer – Amsterdam, Netherlands

This beautiful restaurant is an elegant dining room that’s pure class without all the fuss. The 100% vegan restaurant has no a la carte menu – they go with the seasons for a monthly changing set dinner. They also serve natural wine, local beer and liqueur from a nearby distillery.

15th. Culina Hortus – Lyon, France

In a city so obsessed with offal, this vegetarian restaurant is making waves with its innovative menu that focuses on a real commitment to sustainability and seasonality. There are eggs and dairy on the menu, but the artisan vegetable dishes really stand out and vegans will be looked after. It’s French fine dining in a whole new way.

14th. The Allotment Vegan Eatery – Manchester, United Kingdom

Not only does this all-vegan place do a 10-course menu with the option of adding in a vegan cheese course, it also does a great job of promoting Veganuary each year with special menus.

13th. Sally Voltaire & Systrar – Sweden, Stockholm

Calling themselves a “food-spa”, they serve modern vegetarian food that is super vegan-friendly. The menu uses ingredients chosen in season from local farmers, to create dishes that are simply stunning.

12th. Arabelle – Marchin, Belgium

Arabelle is a wonderful restaurant by Arabelle Meirlaen, who turned the ground floor of her home into a kitchen that’s since received one Michelin star. Her vegetable-only dishes are gourmet creations; ingredients come straight from the garden just outside the dining room.

11th. Mr & Mrs Watson – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mr & Mrs Watson proves once and for all that vegan food is anything but boring. Cooking “comfort food with a culinary twist”, this is food that makes you curious and happy. Be sure to try the award-winning vegan cheeses.

10th. Joia – Milan, Italy 

The first vegetarian restaurant to win a Michelin star in Europe, Joia is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to creative ideas for plant-based food. While it is vegetarian – not 100% vegan – they do have miso veg cheese and other vegan substitutions.

9th. Lucky Leek – Berlin, Germany

Lucky Leek is an absolute shining star among Berlin’s great vegan scene, and it shows no sign of stopping. A seasonal menu has delights such as radish carpaccio, savoy ragout and grilled seitan escalopes.

8th. Acorn – Bath, United Kingdom

A stylish restaurant in one of Bath’s oldest buildings, Acorn carries across that same charm to each and every plate of food. Menus completely redefine vegetables. Think dishes like Jerusalem artichokes filled with a mousse of their own flesh, sunflower seed and apple.

7th. Vegab – Krakow, Poland

It’s certainly not fine dining, and it won’t win any coveted stars, but this vegan kebab store has one of the world’s greatest dishes. It serves 100% vegetable kebabs made from tofu and wheat protein. It’s a casual place with the menu scrawled up on the wall. The perfect vegan cheat meal.

There’s also a location in Bydgoszcz, which is just as superb.

6th. Miss Saigon – Lisbon, Portugal

Miss Saigon is a vegan restaurant that has just three dishes on the menu, which change daily. Want to get the mouth watering? Try this: Fried bean gratin with hokaido pumpkin, kotlety stuffed with tofu and mushrooms and buckwheat, quinoa, beet and salicornia salad.

5th. Gemyse – Copenhagen, Denmark

This is an exciting, organic vegetable restaurant in the heart of Tivoli Gardens. It gets its organic vegetables from a local company and uses herbs from its own kitchen garden.  Dishes range from subtle Nordic to exotic Middle Eastern and Asian.

There are some animal products on the menu, but the sheer range of skill in the vegetable dishes makes this a must-visit.

4th. Kopps – Berlin, Germany

This rustic bar-restaurant combines healthy, regional fresh ingredients that are typically German yet vegan. They have a seasonal tasting menu as well as satisfying dishes for brunch and lunch. Be sure to order a cheese plate of cashew and mustard.

3rd. Pied à Terre – London, United Kingdom

This Michelin fine dining restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan menus. A whole 10 courses of incredible produce, presented in ways that are fresh and exciting. Eating here is an unforgettable experience.

2nd. Great Bistro – Budapest, Hungary

Great Bistro certainly lives up to its name – it really is great. Expect vegan, gluten free, and gourmet fine dining at this bistro that whips up delicious foods from all over the world. The owners have a huge passion for sustainability and veganism and you’ll see that reflected in every bite.

1st. Soul Kitchen – Turin, Italy

This incredibly stylish restaurant is fully vegan and has raw options also. Upscale without being snotty, Soul Kitchen perfectly proves all that is good about vegan food: it’s full of flavour, looks beautiful and allows chefs to really push the boundaries. Head Chef Luca Andre is a master in the kitchen here.

A perfect example? This silky fresh pasta dish with herbs, buttered truffle and fresh truffle with celeriac cream and Jerusalem artichoke. Perfection.

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