The 7 Best Burgers In Ghent

The 7 Best Burgers In Ghent

In a country full of incredible food, Ghent is one place where you can rest easy that good food is on every corner. From traditional stews and crispy frites to juicy burgers, there’s lots of tasty things to eat here.

But hey, back to those burgers – want to know where to find the best burgers in Ghent? We’ve got you sorted. Check out these delicious burger joints for a real feast.

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1. Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar

Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar is a cosy, retro-style restaurant with upmarket diner food and excellent cocktails. All burgers come with either chunky wedges or homemade onion rings, and the range of toppings is super tempting. Our top pick? The French Burger: camembert de Normandie, caramalised onions, bacon, arugula, honey mustard and tomato.

Uncle Babe's Burger Bar In Ghent

2. Paul’s Boutique 

This is like classic Belgian frituur, but way more gourmet. Order your burger and fries at the bar and take a seat to wait for your juicy burger to come out. Choose from succulent Irish beef burgers, chicken burgers and fish burgers, as well as lots of veggie options. Kudos to owners Elise and Bruno for the fun names too, like ‘Sex Pistols’ and ‘Escobar.

Paul's Boutique  Hamburger

3. Manhattn’s

These guys serve up super tasty and simple burgers that don’t go overboard on the toppings. They also nail the “frites”, which in a country where they’re practically religion is seriously important. There’s locations in Antwerp and Brussels too, so you won’t miss out while there.

Manhattn's Burgers In Ghent

4. Jilles Beers & Burger

For a truly gourmet burger, this is the place to go. Jilles does artisan burgers, and has even brewed their own beer to match them perfectly. While the menu has plenty of choice, you can’t miss out on the Hot Gillian: this explosive spicy beef burger has melted cheddar cheese, red onion, pickle, lettuce, tomato and homemade spicy dressing.

Jilles Beers & Burger In Ghent

5. Ellis Gourmet Burger

Ellis is best known for their revolutionary and sustainable plant-based Beyond Burger,  which is a juicy, savory meatless burger that somehow tastes even better than the real thing. It even got the seal of approval from Leonardo DiCaprio, who invested in the vegan meat company, Beyond Meat.

Ellis Gourmet Burger

6. ‘t-Koningshuis

If you want a huge, classic American-style burger then this is the place to go. The burgers here are packed with delicious toppings and there’s even a sinfully good Juicy Lucy on the menu, with the beef patty stuffed with cheese.

Best burgers Ghent

7. De Frietketel

A hole-in-the-wall fast food joint, this is one of the best places for casual food in Ghent. The portions of fries are probably the biggest in the whole of Ghent, if not the whole of Belgium. As well as traditional Belgian snacks, the vegan and veggie burgers are delicious.

The home-made tartar sauce (also available in a vegan version) is also a must.

Best burgers Ghent

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