The Best Poolhop This Summer

Dream Job Alert: Get Paid $10,000 To Relax At Luxury Pools This Summer

We repeat this is not a drill, the dream job does exist and you can apply for it right now. This summer, is hiring its first-ever “Poolhop”.

What’s a “poolhop”, you ask? Basically, they want you to travel across the country researching the most epic hotel pools from coast to coast across America.

The Poolhop’s responsibilities are simple; travel to some of the most incredible hotel pools across the country, sip on fruity drinks, snap some photos, sport a hotel robe and report back to fans.

In case the Poolhop job duties weren’t clear enough: Lounge by the pool. Document the experience. Get paid.

Yep, seriously, that’s it. 


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The chosen candidate will be paid for their time with a $10,000 stipend, travel and lodging to six epic hotel pools. Here’s where the lucky sucker will be lounging out at:


The Poolhop’s Gram-worthy photos will also appear on and social channels so we can all follow along with pure, uncontrollable jealous. Great.

Want to apply? Until June 25th, travelers looking to land this dream job can apply here.

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