The 7 Best Manchester burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Manchester

Nothing beats a good hamburger: that first bite of that fresh bun with meaty juices streaming down your face is heaven. Glorious, artery-clogging heaven. The good news (for your stomach, anyway), is that Manchester burgers are as good as they get.

From the huge stacked burgers with more toppings than you could shake a stick at to smaller, neatly formed cheeseburgers this city has something for every type of burger fan.

Time for you to start ticking these off your list. Maybe not all in the one day though…

Best burgers in Manchester
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1. Solita

With locations in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Didsbury and Prestwich, they have been serving big, bold food to customers for years. The sort of place you come for a proper “cheat meal” as once you taste that first bit of the burger you won’t regret it one bit. Do come with an appetite though, because the portions are massive.

Solita Burgers In Manchester

2. Almost Famous

Their burgers are known for being as pretty as anything you’ll ever see and they light up Instagram feeds all across the north of England, where they have restaurants in Liverpool, Leeds and in the Northern Quarter here in Manchester. If you love lots of toppings and huge burgers this is the spot for you.

Manchester burgers

3. Archie’s

With locations on Oxford Road, The Arndale and Piccadilly Train Station, this is a fun place to eat from the second you walk in and absorb the pink decor. The burgers are perfectly formed and simply have to be washed down with one of their shakes.

There’s lots of other treats on the menu, like hot dogs and waffles, but take our advice and stick to the burgers. Divine.

Archie's Burgers In Manchester

4. Dog Bowl

Dog Bowl is a New York inspired bowling alley which is the perfect place to come with friends for a fun social night out. As well as huge delectable burgers (among other American diner-style food) they offer great cocktails and a selection of seriously good craft beer. Not the sort of place you’ll want to leave in a hurry.

Dog Bowl Hamburger

5. V Rev Vegan Diner

An all vegan diner where the food is completely different to what you’d expect vegan food to look and taste like, including their burgers. You can read all about how they do it here and the best thing about eating here is that you won’t even for a second think you are missing out on meat. A meat-free burger? In this case, yes please.

Rev Vegan Diner Burgers

6. Red’s True Barbecue

It’s impossible to leave this institution off the list because as they say themselves they are “the church of true barbecue”. Expect lots of slow cooked meats and sharing style platters, while the flame grilled burgers are bursting with flavour and they keep the toppings simple with bacon and cheese. An absolute killer burger.

Red's True Barbecue Hamburger

7. Hawksmoor

This famous steakhouse started life in London and has grown and grown ever since. Sitting in the bar here in Manchester with one of their classic burgers be illegal it’s so damn good. Grab one of their nicely boozy cocktails to wash it all down with.

Manchester burgers

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