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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Manchester

While London gets most of the attention when it comes to the coffee scene in the UK, you’ll find that the Manchester coffee buzz is every bit as exciting, with huge variety, quality and passionate people behind it.

We wanted to pick the seven spots for the best cups of coffee in the city to show off just how exciting the caffeine options are here. Melbourne, watch your back.

So take a stroll with a friend, grab a book to read on your own over a brew or get one of these coffees to go and enjoy it while wandering around the city. You won’t regret it…

Best coffee in Manchester

1. Pot Kettle Black 

Pot Kettle Black is an award-winning speciality coffee store based on the ground floor of No.1 Spinningfields. As well as tasty brunch dishes, they’re passionate about coffee and dedicated to quality. Looking for something different? Get the ‘Wilson’: espresso poured over coconut water.

2. Takk

Takk is a simple room in the Northern Quarter that’s been pushing the Manchester coffee scene forward for years. Stripped back benches and a room full of co-workers sipping drinks from their big wholesome mugs. Great simple breakfast options too.

Manchester coffee

3. Federal Cafe Bar

Federal Cafe is best known for their weekend brunches when customers cram in and queues are often out the door. Their coffee though, stands on its own as one of the best cups in the city. Throw in great cocktails and there really is something for everybody here.

Manchester coffee

4. Grindsmith

Grindsmith have locations around the city with some of the most passionate and knowledgeable staff in the business. Their dedication to the craft of coffee and the precision with which they prepare their drinks (especially the espresso) is a joy to watch.

5. North Tea Power

Unlike their name would suggest, it is their coffee they are best known for (although they do have some seriously good loose leaf teas). Small brunch and breakfast style items, great gluten free cakes and a perfect place to work or read for a couple of hours make this a Manchester coffee shop that ticks pretty much every single box.

6. Ancoats Coffee Co.

They focus on the entire coffee experience here, from sourcing the best beans, roasting, delivering online, training up the best baristas to ultimately serving incredible brews in their Ancoats cafe. A place for true coffee lovers. Plus, staff who are only too willing to talk you through the options on the menu.

7. Foundation Coffee House

Now with two locations in the city, Foundation Coffee House has large spaces which are somewhere between a co-working space and a cafe. People are certainly encouraged to linger. The coffee is top notch as are their espresso martinis (technically a coffee, right?) which draw many people in after work. Just a super chilled out fun place to hang out with super friendly staff.

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