The 7 Best Pizzas In Edmonton

The 7 Best Pizzas In Edmonton

Old school pizzerias and chic Neapolitan pizza joints make Edmonton‘s pizza scene seriously great.

In fact, one thing that you’ll find near unanimous agreement on is that pizza is delicious. The melting cheese and chewy crusts can become either a quick snack or a gourmet creation, and that’s why we love it so much. Looks like Edmontonians love it too.

Here’s the city’s best slices and pies and everything in between…

Best pizzas in Edmonton

1. Rosso Pizzeria

Located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city, Rosso is local, organic, and always tasty. Premium toppings make for one-of-a-kind pies that you’ll chow down in minutes. All their pizzas use the highest quality organic ingredients and are cooked in an Italian forno oven.

Rosso Pizzeria in Edmonton


Serving up thin crust, individual pizzas with names like Holy Shiitake, Ode to Ukraine and Pie on The Fly, you can count on having an unique pizza experience at LP. Choose from four different crust options: traditional ’00’ flour, organic whole wheat, gluten-free or keto.

As for toppings? We’re eying up the Sweet Peach Compote and Gorgonzola Blue Cheese.


3. Parlour

There’s lots of tasty dishes on the menu here, but pizza is Parlour’s speciality. Go for their interpretation of a margherita pizza, The Queen, or the always tasty Prosciutto pizza. Each pizza is cooked by skilled pizzaiolos in a 900° wood burning oven for that perfect blistered crust.

Best pizzas Edmonton

4. Leva Café

Don’t think pizza can be breakfast food? Think again, and no, you don’t even have to be hungover. Café Leva dishes up high-quality pizza pies and top-notch coffee. The Italian-inspired cafe makes its pizza crust using an old family recipe.

The Breakfast Margherita pizza with prosciutto cotto, and an over easy egg is the way to start your morning.

Leva Café Pizzeria in Edmonton

5. Tony’s Pizza Palace 

One of the best pizzas in Edmonton,  Tony Mazzotta Sr’s Pizza Palace came to Edmonton from Cosenza, Italy via a stint of pizza-slinging in the Bronx. Tony’s New York style pizza has repeatedly named the best slice in Edmonton, and we have to agree.

Tony's Pizza Palace 


DIE PIE proves that vegan pizza is just as good as the meat and cheesy kind. It brings ethnic styles of cooking such as East-Indian and Asian into the tradition of Italian Neapolitan-style pizza for unique flavours. They make their own cashew cheeses (the truffle brie is superb) and toppings include vegan mac sauce.

DIE PIE Pizzeria

7. Famoso 

Despite it being a chain, Famoso still manages to offer authentic, fire-roasted Naples-style pizza. Their pizza menu is split between classic pies that have been around as long as pizza itself, and New World creations that mix in modern flavours. There’s seven locations around the city so you’ll never be stuck for a slice.

Famoso Pizzeria in Edmonton

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