The 7 Best Dortmund Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Dortmund

Dortmund burgers are one of the great surprises in life. You arrive in the city not knowing what to expect, and then find out they have some incredible burgers that stack up against the world’s best.

Narrowing it down to just seven of the city’s top burgers was the trickiest part. What we would suggest is that no matter how long your stay is, try and eat as many of these as you can.

So work up an appetite, grab a friend and check out the very best Dortmund burgers.

Best burgers in DortmundHow do these rankings work?

1. Big Boost Burger

This is a local institution and one of those burger places you go to that will never let you down. Their portions are generous, and their focus on the best quality ingredients and diversity of menu is what makes it so special.

You simply cannot come to Dortmund without eating here. Make sure to wash it all down with one of their delicious shakes too.

Big Boost Burger In Dortmund

2. Roasters

The first thing that you notice about these burgers is that every single one looks perfect. So good you have to get that perfect shot for Instagram – so long as you don’t eat it first!

They first opened in 2013 and have since expanded, which is good thing because you never want to be far away from one of these burgers. As well as being utterly delicious, the family business is big into sustainability and sourcing the best ingredients. Absolutely world-class burgers.

Roasters hamburger

3. Food Brother

After starting small, Food Brother now has six stores across the country and it isn’t hard to see why people love them.

They use Black Angus beef in their burgers and double up their juicy patties to make epic looking – and tasting – burgers. The sides and sauces are what really bring things to another level.

You haven’t lived unless you have had burgers here with friends. Superb.

Food Brother Hamburger in Dortmund

4. Grill 69

Grill 69 is known for their burgers, burritos and salads. Once you see the burgers going out to another table, there is no way you will want to order anything else.

Their portions are huge, they have a lovely terrace for the warmer months and the craft beer selection is excellent. Everything you could want in a Dortmund burger experience.

Grill 69 burger

5. Chill’R Burger Factory

They make a classic American style burger and serve it up alongside some of the friendliest service in the city. Always a winning combo.

Throw in sport on the TV, live music and great cocktails, and this is a place you will stay for a couple of drinks after the burger.

Chill'R Burger Factory in Dortmund

6. Olafs

A super chilled place where among other things they do great ribs, craft beer and burgers. Focus in on the burger though, because it is the real star of the show.

They are packed full of flavour with super original toppings and the tastiest home fries you could ever imagine.

Olafs Hamburger

7. Die Burger Bude

They do chicken and beef burgers that are absolutely bursting with flavour and that look like works of art.

If you are lucky enough to get a seat on the terrace in the summer, order one of their cocktails with your burger and you will be in heaven.

Die Burger Bude in Dortmund


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