The Ultimate North Shore Drive Kuhio Highway

Hawaii’s Kuhio Highway Is The Ultimate North Shore Drive

Kuhio Highway in Hawaii finally reopened after a 14-month closure due to flooding, making it an essential road trip route this summer.

But, the closure of its main highway in 2018 meant that there was no access to the popular Kee and Tunnels beaches and Haena State Park.

Now that the route is open for visitors yet again, it’s sure to be a popular road trip drive this summer.

The views of Kauai’s dramatic North Shore from Kuhio Highway are incredible

At just 25 miles long and 33 miles wide, the island of Kauai is relatively easy to explore. Kauai is Hawaii’s fourth largest island and is sometimes called the “Garden Island,” which is an entirely accurate description.

Kuhio Highway waterfalls

Cruise along spectacular cliffs, palm-fringed beaches and vivid green taro fields

Stop off along the way to go swimming on the golden beaches or trek to the waterfalls. This highway is hugely popular and with views like that it’s no wonder.


Take note: advance reservations are now necessary for all vehicles, walk-in entry, and shuttle riders visiting Hāʻena State Park. Day hikers accessing the Kalalau Trail will also need to book in advance.

You can see more information on how to reserve a space here.

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