The 7 Best Ottawa Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Ottawa

This city has a bustling and diverse foodie scene, from casual eats to high end restaurants, but our first stop here is always a feast on the best Ottawa burgers.

From huge, stuffed burgers that you’ll struggle to get into your mouth to the more manageable cheeseburgers, we have all bases covered.

So get planning, bring along a couple of buddies and a serious appetite and start working your way through these seven great Ottawa burgers.

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1. Burgers ‘n’ Fries Forever

Burgers ‘n’ Fries offers some pretty out-there burger combos, all of which are to die for in terms of flavour and presentation. They handcut the fries, double fry them, and come up with a ton of crazy combinations. P.S. go online to memorise their secret menu, which includes The NSFH (Not Safe For Health): four beef patties, cheddar x2, swiss, mozzarella, bacon, and BFF sauce.

Burgers ‘n’ Fries Forever

2. Bite Burger House

They grind their meat fresh in house every single day and put a lot of emphasis on sourcing the freshest ingredients. It shows in the end product, which is an absolute juicy delight.

Also, add in the quality craft beers, fine wines and specialty cocktails and you have a place to linger for a couple of drinks after your burger. Pure quality on every level.

Bite Burger House

3. OCCO Kitchen

There’s a brilliantly casual feel to the place, with wonderful comfort food and sweet treats. Behind the scenes though, they make everything from scratch.

For the burger, this means homemade baps, freshly ground beef and even their own ketchup. And yes, you really can taste the quality.

A perfect place to come with friends for some delicious food and a couple of their cocktails (make sure to check out the Bloody Mary!).

Ottawa Burgers

4. Chez Lucien

Chez Lucien serve up some of the most wholesome, honest and enjoyable bar food in the whole city. Basically, they take the best parts of a restaurant and bar and combine them into one with zero pretence and a great atmosphere.

There’s lots of great dishes on the menu including specials, but the classic burger is a thing of beauty. Throw a few tunes on the free jukebox when eating it and you will be in heaven.

Chez Lucien Hamburger in Ottawa

5. Crispy’s Resto Grill

Crispy’s Resto Grill are probably best known for their fried chicken and family atmosphere but to come here and not have the burgers would be a travesty.

Served up super casual in style, the portions are huge and the flavour even bigger. If you are feeling seriously hungry order both the fries and the onion rings on the side.

Crispy's Resto Grill in Ottawa

6. The Works

The Works is a small Canadian chain which you will no doubt become quickly addicted to after just one visit.

They do great poutine, salads, onion rings and shakes but you come here for one reason only: the burger. They only use pure Canadian beef and their buns are perfectly squishy and fresh. Go wild and get some poutine on the side for a full carb-fest.

The Works Hamburger

7. The King Eddy

This is easily one of the most chilled out and fun places to come for a burger in the city. If you can snag a seat on the terrace in the warmer months with you’ll be in heaven. Burgers double up on patties and the fries are super crispy.

Plus, there’s a great brunch and all day breakfast, craft beer, shakes and wine on tap, so there are very few boxes they don’t tick!

The King Eddy Hamburger in Ottawa

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