The Infamous Fyre Festival Island

The Infamous Fyre Festival Island Could Be Yours For $11.8 Million

Okay, surely you’ve seen – or at least heard all about – the so-awful-it’s-amazing Fyre Festival. Think of this as your chance to be part of the “greatest music festival that never happened.”

You could own the exact island in the Bahamas that appeared in the promo video for Fyre Festival. White sandy beaches. Clear blue oceans. Viral, gross cheese sandwiches optional.

While the island in the promo video wasn’t actually the island where the festival took place (that was Great Exuma), it has all the glamour and promise that the festival itself failed to deliver.

The beautiful island could be yours for a casual $11.8 million

Saddleback Cay is up for sale by Bahamas realtor HG Christie. Located just north of Normans’ Cay, the island has a protected bay and seven beaches. Oh, and a house with servant quarters.

Saddleback Cay in Fyre Festival Island

Fyre Festival

How could you not want to call this place home?

Sure, Bella Hadid and co. won’t be there, but then they weren’t at Fyre Festival either. Who needs ’em when you live in paradise?

As for whether the fame of convicted-fraudster Bill McFarland will damage the value of the island, realtor John Christie disagrees.  “No such thing as bad publicity, right?”, he told Forbes.

You can lust over the full listing here.


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