The 7 Best Washington DC Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Washington DC

With so many international visitors and tourists here, you just know that the food scene in DC is going to be good. Washington DC burgers are especially popular, so we wanted to find the very best in the city.

From huge stuffed burgers packed full of toppings to the more classic cheeseburger and fries, we have you covered.

All you have to do is grab a couple of friends, loosen that belt buckle a notch and enjoy these seven epic Washington DC Burgers.

Best burgers in Washington DC

1. Le Diplomate

Le Diplomate pays tribute to French cafe culture, while mixing in some of the best bits from America. The burger is a classic example of this. It’s their take on the classic Big Mac with great french fries and seriously juicy patties.

The room is always buzzing and they serve great cocktails.

Washington DC Burgers

2. Reverie

It’s great to see a restaurant that cooks up such fine dining food be humble enough to have a stab at creating a great burger.

And what an effort it is. At first glance the burger might seem simple and small, but it has been super well thought out. The best high end ingredients cooked by seriously talented chefs make this a winner.

Reverie Hamburger in Washington DC

3. Duke’s Grocery

Duke’s Grocery is a neighbourhood pub and supper spot located in the Dupont Circle that serves up seriously wholesome food.

Their salads, sandwiches and breakfasts are good but to come here and not have the burger would be a travesty. You’ll struggle to tackle it without a knife and fork but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Absolutely delicious.

Duke's Grocery Hamburger Washington DC

4. The Avenue

The Avenue is a family-friendly neighbourhood restaurant and bar dishing up classic American cuisine. They have one of those menus where you want at least six items and struggle to narrow it down to just one dish.

Make sure you do go for the burger though, because with its freshly ground meat and classic toppings it is a home run every single time.

The Avenue in Washington

5. Burger Tap & Shake

Burger Tap & Shake pride themselves on the fact that they are self service and that the food comes with no fuss on metal trays.

Basically, the food (and the burgers in particular) do the talking for them, with no need for any distracting extras. Burgers are perfect size in fresh, soft buns with wonderful fries and there’s always a buzzing atmosphere with quick service.

Burger Tap & Shake

6. Lucky Buns

All of the burgers at Lucky Buns are made using Creekstone beef, prepared fresh daily and seasoned mere seconds before hitting the grill.

Their focus on sourcing the very best ingredients and making everything by hand in house can be tasted in every single bite. A world-class burger experience.

7. The Capital Burger

The Capital Burger created their very own special beef blend to achieve a burger that is nothing short of perfection. Add in a world-class wine list and boozy milkshakes and it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with the place.

Burgers in a fine dining setting done seriously well. Ideal.

The Capital Burger in Washington DC

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