7 Best Bars In El Paso

7 Of The Best Bars In El Paso

El Paso is a city that may surprise you in that they have an eclectic mix of drinking holes in this city. Whether you’re into beers or cocktails, there are some great bars in El Paso.

From gastropubs to speakeasies, the bar here is hopping. Here are the seven best bars in El Paso.

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1. The Hoppy Monk

Hoppy Monk has got you covered for all your beer needs here in El Paso. Probably the most well-known gastropub in town, the Hoppy Monk churns out beers and offers a wide selection of over 70 craft beers on tap.

Stop by here for your favourite IPA. They also serve spirits here but let’s face it, you came here for beer.

Hoppy Monk Bar in El Paso

2. Craft and Social

Craft and Social are known for just those things: great beers and friendly vibes. At Craft and Social, you can pick from a rotating selection of seasonal draft beers that are on tap.

Come here on the weekend for one of the better bar vibes in El Paso and order a beer of your choice.

Craft and Social Bar in  El Paso

3. Hope and Anchor

Hope and Anchor is another great spot in El Paso and these guys are known for their specialty cocktails. This place is great to come in the summertime because of their refreshingly good cocktails that helps you cool off from that Texas heat.

If you’re looking for a funky drink, you can’t go wrong with their Capital Punishment cocktail. A Vodka-based drink mixed with Bloody Mary.

bars in el paso

4. Black Orchid Lounge

Black Orchid Lounge is a speakeasy bar in El Paso with a prohibition-era vibe to it. This classy bar specialises in craft cocktails and the quality of their drinks will simply amaze you. It just might be hard to find this kind of cocktail quality anywhere else in El Paso.

Give any one of their signature cocktails a try. We personally like the Gin-based cocktail, Backyard Burn.

Black Orchid Lounge Bar in El Paso

5. DeadBeach Brewery

At DeadBeach Brewery, you will most likely find the best craft beers in all of El Paso. The quality of their beers with their bold and unique flavours help to make this local brewery a community favourite. Their use of local ingredients in their beers also doesn’t hurt their reputation in the community!

With a rotating selection of brews, you got to order an El-Paso favourite, the Honey Badger beer here.

DeadBeach Brewery in El Paso

6. Gray Dog Bar

Gray Dog Bar offers great cocktails at very affordable prices in a bit of a dive-bar setting. The cocktail menu rotates often so you’ll likely see something different every time you come back but folks keep coming here for their creative concoctions and friendly bar vibes.

If you’re not looking to break the bank at a bar, come to Gray Dog’s and have a cocktail or two.

Gray Dog Bar

7. Park Tavern

Park Tavern is a restaurant in El Paso but they have an extensive list of some fantastic wines. The bright and contemporary decor makes Park Tavern an easy choice for people looking to enjoy some nice wines in a relaxing setting.

Pick any one of their wines and sit back and relax in this trendy Tavern.

Park Tavern Bar

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