The 7 Best Bars In Fort Worth

7 Of The Best Bars In Fort Worth

Fort Worth has an eclectic mix of pubs and cocktail bars that is sure to meet any nightlife needs. From the traditional confines of a dive bar to the trendy speakeasies, there’s lots of great bars in Fort Worth to get your drink on.

Here are the seven best bars in Fort Worth.

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1. Malone’s Pub

Malone’s Pub is a laid-back dive bar with friendly patrons and friendlier bartenders. The atmosphere at this pub is one you would find at any traditional one, lots of beers on tap, constant music playing from the jukebox, and the odd pool table and dart board here and there.

This is the place to come to if you’re just looking for a spot to hang out for the night over some beers.

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2. Thompson’s Bookstore

Don’t be fooled by the name, Thompson’s Bookstore is a speakeasy bar that brings about it a mysterious feel. The ranges of cocktails here, however, are no mystery and are actually quite amazing.

Grab a Bourbon-based cocktail at this prohibition-style bar. Peep their social media channel for that night’s “password” to enter this speakeasy.

Thompson's Bookstore in Fort Worth

3. Twilite Lounge

Twilite Lounge is another great bar in Fort Worth with a distinct and hip New Orleans feel to it. At this laid-back bar, you’ll find a wide range of craft cocktails as well as a rotating selection of beers.

Settle into one of their red half-circle booths here with a craft cocktail or two and enjoy the fun vibes here.

Twilite Lounge in Fort Worth

4. Flying Saucer

If you’re looking for one of the best spots in Fort Worth for beer, come to Flying Saucer. This bar will meet all your beer needs, from tons of beers on tap to over 100 different types of bottles, the beer choices are endless.

While you could get a cocktail and wine here as well, you came here for the beer. Head upstairs with your brew for some board games and pool.

Flying Saucer in Fort Worth

5. The Usual

The Usual is one of the OG’s in Fort Worth when it comes to craft cocktails. This bar has been influential in championing craft cocktails and the cocktails here are anything but usual; they are fantastic.

Get yourself a classic cocktail, such as a Negroni, and sit back and enjoy the easy-going industrial-like, speakeasy vibes of The Usual.

The Usual Bar

6. The Boiled Owl Tavern

The Boiled Owl Tavern brings about the hip and young crowd that is ready for a rocking good time. What they lack in terms of depth of their drinks menu, they more than make up for it with their outstanding fun and lively atmospheres for any bar in Fort Worth.

Grab a local brew here and watch that liquid courage carry you onto the stage on one of their open mic nights!

The Boiled Owl Tavern Bar

7. White Elephant Saloon

It may look over 100-years-old on the outside, but you wouldn’t know that once you’re inside the White Elephant Saloon. At this Wild West-theme watering hole, beer is usually the beverage of choice for patrons here.

Grab a beer on tap here and either make your way to the dance floor for some good ol’ country music dancing or head over to the pool tables.

White Elephant Saloon Bar

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