Melbourne Chicken Wings

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Melbourne

There are some foods that as soon as you get a craving for, you just have to have them. Case in point? Chicken wings. Glorious, finger-licking -good chicken wings to be precise. Melbourne chicken wings are as good as they get, so we wanted to narrow it down to the best spots in the city.

You’ll probably want some beer to wash them down with, or maybe they are the hangover cure after a big night out? Either way, grab a couple of mates and get ready for some seriously tasty food.

Forget that diet and get ready for a serious cheat meal…

Best chicken wings in Melbourne

1. Chick-In

Chick-In is a popular Korean fried chicken and beer restaurant – the ideal combination of our two favourite foods. Dig into their ultra crispy wings with Gochujang sauce for a blend of sweet, spicy, tangy, and savoury flavours.

Melbourne Chicken Wings

2. Fried & Tasty

Hint: the wings here are exactly what the name of the restaurant suggests. Fried. Tasty. Very, very tasty. They specialise in Southern American style fried chicken with an Australian twist. Their Peach and Cayenne Hot Sauce is essential.

Melbourne Chicken wings

3. The Kodiak Club

The Kodiak Club is well known for their wings, and rightly so. These bad boys are a feast of free range buffalo chicken wings covered in American hot sauce, served with celery sticks and blue cheese.

Melbourne Chicken Wings

4. Samsam Korean Chicken and Beer

How did we ever survive without so many great Korean chicken restaurants in our lives? Samsam wings come with a choice of different (all equally tempting) sauces, such as sweet chilli, soy & garlic or cheese powder.

5. RocoMamas

RocoMamas might be famous for their smashed beef burgers, but the wings here can really stand on their own. Pick from Mofo spicy (f*cking hot!), buffalo, honey & soy or old school BBQ sauces. Best bet is to go with a group and get all the flavours to share.

6. Ziggy’s Eatery

Ziggy’s Eatery is the ideal place to come for a hangover cure or cheat meal, with a menu full of good things to eat. Their wings are a true highlight; fall-off-the-bone tender meat and a spicy kick. Try the Hot Wing Challenge if you dare…

7. Gami Chicken & Beer

With 17 stores across Oz, Gami (Korean translation: ‘beautiful taste’) is a soaring Korean chicken joint. As well as whole roast chickens, they do a wing plate of wingettes & drumettes. Get the Soy Garlic sauce and dig into the cabbage slaw.


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