The 10 Most Visited UK

The 10 Most Visited Cities In The UK

The United Kingdom is comfortably in top 10 countries in the world when it comes to tourism numbers but what are the most visited UK cities?

With over 40 million people coming from external markets we wanted to explore what cities they were visiting and how they were spending their time.

These are the top 10 most visited UK cities (excluding internal tourism)…

1. London

As expected, the capital and of the world’s best known city tops the list. From the museums to the sport and culture, this is a city that ticks pretty much every single box.

Most visited UK

2. Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s festivals, great culture and a lively entertainment scene keep international¬† tourists coming back to this Scottish city.

Edinburgh in UK

3. Manchester

World-class music, football and entertainment keep the visitors rolling in and make Manchester the third most visited UK city.

Manchester in UK

4. Birmingham

Birmingham is England’s second largest city, population-wise; with multiple large venues, conferences and shopping venues, the tourists flock to this midlands city.

Birmingham in UK

5. York

York is an old city with stunning city walls, beautiful buildings and river cruises that make it a must-visit for many international tourists.

York in UK

6. Glasgow

The capital of Scotland boasts great entertainment, shopping and acts as a gateway for many visitors to the surrounding region.


7. Liverpool

Liverpool is city steeped in music and football tradition that attracts visitors from all over the world. You’ll see why as soon as you visit here!


8. Bristol

This is a bustling city that has great restaurants, nightlife and is a great stepping stone for the stunning surrounding areas.


9. Oxford

Best known globally for its university, this old town is a pleasure to walk around and attracts people from all over the world.

Oxford in UK

10. Cambridge

Another city best known for its university on a global stage, but Cambridge also has gorgeous waterways and great architecture.


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