best burgers in Canberra Australia

The 7 Best Burgers In Canberra

Crispy on the edges, juicy in the middle and covered in melty cheese. Canberra does the classic burger right: simple = tasty. There’s also a few creative twists to keep some room for. Here are our picks for the seven best burgers in Canberra… 

Drooling yet? You will be by the end of this.

Best burgers in CanberraHow do these rankings work?

1. BurgerHero

Burger Hero is a gourmet deli sandwich shop, with a twist. Go wild and build your own burger, choose from their classics or tackle one of their Freak Burgers. You’ll find fillings such as ramen crusted chicken, onion rings, jalapeno poppers and vanilla glazed donuts.

best burgers in Canberra Australia

2. Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is a Canberra favourite that serves mouth watering burgers and fried chicken out of an old mechanic’s garage.  Choose from the signature Greasy’s burger with lettuce, cheese, onion, pickles, GM relish, Greasy’s sauce, or one of their other droolworthy options.

Think: smashed patties, provolone, truffle aioli, bacon jam, herbed mushrooms, capers, and rocket.

best burgers in Canberra Australia

3. Mookie Burger

The American-Japanese burger joint is the place where all your Canberra burger dreams come true. Burgers are thick ‘n’ juicy, with toppings such as 100% pure grass fed black angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese & mookie sauce or a pork belly and slaw.

Finish it off with an Apple Pie custard shake and maple bacon fries. You’ll be rolling out of here.

best burgers in Canberra Australia

4. Brodburger

A great selection of toppings and extras mean you can literally make 100s of combinations to suit your own personal taste here. You can chow down on beef, fried fish, salmon, lamb or Piri Piri chicken burgers. All delicious, of course.

Great fries and ice cold beers only add to the perfection.

best burgers in Canberra Australia

5. Lazy Su

Let us introduce you to the ultimate Asian burger creation: Bao-gers. Yep, that’s a burger, which is served on a pillowy soft bao bun. Fillings at Lazy Su include soy braised pork belly, herb salad, pickled cucumber, hoi sin; buttermilk fried chicken or a vegan jackfruit slaw.

best burgers in Canberra Australia

6. Elemental Cafe

Elemental in Braddon is home to one of the best burgers in Canberra. While you might think of this place when it comes to breakfast or coffee, their burger is an essential dish to order.

The grass-fed juicy beef comes on a soft milk bun with house-made pickles, aioli, relish cheddar jack cheese and sweet potato fries.

7. Courtyard by Milk Crate

Courtyard by Milkcrate is a must-eat at when in Canberra’s CBD. With Turkish influences, the menu is packed with delicious options, but the burgers are essential. With weekly specials, there’s always something new to try.

Permanent burgers on the menu include the Mc Crate (a tastier version of Macca’s).

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