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The 7 Best Burgers In Turin

When you think about northern Italy, you probably dream of authentic pizza, cheesy pasta, and perhaps even delectable chocolate treats.  While the city of Turin can certainly offer you all of that, there’s also has a lot of first-class burgers in Turin as well.

When you need a break from all of the Italian food you’ll be enjoying while exploring Italy, check out a place on this list of the seven best burgers in Turin.

Best burgers in TurinHow do these rankings work?

1. Skassapanza

Not only does Skassapanza offer some of the best burgers in Turin, but their food is incredibly Instagrammable.

Travellers love the ability to build their own burger, and they love that there are a variety of menu items to choose from. However, the buffalo black burger is a favourite, as it comes with black bread that looks great in photos and tastes even better.

Best Burgers in Turin, Italy

2. Rock Burger

Each burger on the menu at Rock Burger gets its name from a famous rock group. This means that you can order an Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, or Nirvana, amongst many other rockin’ dishes.

The ambience here really adds to the overall mood, and you can expect to listen to great rock tunes as you dive into your delicious burger.

They serve the fries in a skull head, which really adds to the experience and makes it feel even that much more hardcore.

Rock Burger Hamburger in Turin

3. T-Bone Station

For high-quality beef in Turin, head to T-Bone Station. Not only do they serve up some of the city’s best ribs, tartare, and steaks, they also make really great hamburgers.

If you decide to order a burger here, then make sure you arrive on a very empty stomach. Their burgers are thick and stacked pretty high with ingredients. Make sure to order one of their beers to wash it all down with.

4. Open Baladin

If you’re the kind of person who can’t eat a burger without a beer on the side, then you’ll need to check out Open Baladin, one of Turin’s most famous breweries.

Choose from an incredibly wide selection of artisanal beers and pair it with one of their equally delicious burgers.

Travellers note that this place is great if you’re looking to mingle with locals, as students and professionals love to head here for after-hours food and drinks.

Burger and Beer in Turin Italy

5. Muurgheria 

Down-to-earth and quaint describe the locale where you’ll find Muurgheria, Turin’s top-rated burger joint. However, what the restaurant lacks in size and style they make up for in quality and taste.

They serve their burgers on paper plates because there’s really no need to doll up the deliciousness that they pack inside of them. They also cut their fries thick and serve their drinks cold. What more could you want? 

6. B2 Burger and Beer

B2 Burger and Beer offers hungry travellers the perfect combination of local food and local beers. Guests especially love that they serve up tasty potato wedges or baked potatoes instead of traditional fries.

Make sure to try one of the local beers on the menu. You’ll need it to wash down the extra-large burgers they serve.

7. Flower Burger

It’s impossible to talk about the best burgers in Turin without listing at least one vegetarian options. It just so happens that Flower Burger offers high-quality veggie burgers and doubles as one of the most Instagrammable places in the entire city.

If you run a food blog or Instagram, then you have to pay a visit to this unique spot. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with lots of light and colour, and the hamburgers are no different. 

The buns come in black, blue, purple, yellow, and pink, which makes for a rainbow-filled lunch that you’ll have to snap a photo of before you eat.

The Best Vegetarian Burgers in Turin

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These burgers look delicious! My mouth is watering right now. Thanks for these great recommendations. Well done!