Best pizza in Bologna

The 7 Best Pizzas In Bologna

Pizza is an absolute must-order when in Italy, and the food-centric city of Bologna is no exception. Whether you prefer topping-filled pizzas or classics like the Margarita pizza, visitors to Bologna can expect the freshest of ingredients to be used. From the first visit to Italy to the tenth visit, some stops are perennial.  These best pizzas in Bologna will not disappoint.

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1. Pizzeria da Beppe

Made by Beppe himself, these traditional, thin pizzas could not be more authentic. Order from the menu or create your own pizza topping combination for a fresh pie. Drinks are included at a reasonable price.

2. Basilibo

Among the best pizzas in Bologna, Basilibo serves up thin and soft-crusted pizzas topped with fresh ingredients. There are only a couple of seats inside the shop, so plan on taking your pizza to go.

Best pizza in Bologna

3. Pizzeria Nettuno Bologna

This pizzeria offers a wide range of pizzas to choose from, and all of them have a perfectly baked crust. Casual and vegetarian-friendly, this restaurant makes quality pizzas and pastas for low prices.

Best pizza in Bologna

4. Pizza e Focacce

This Roman style pizzeria sells by the slice. Their fresh pizzas are baked in rectangles so patrons can more easily walk and eat. Choose from a wide selection of pies before paying and eating on the go.

Best pizza in Bologna

5. Pizzeria Lucia D’asporto

Located outside of the city centre, this is a local haunt and worth the drive. The staff is friendly and only uses the best products to make their pizzas. Expect fair prices and tasty pizzas.

Best pizza in Bologna

6. 500 Volte Pizza

Another local haunt, 500 Volte Pizza serves top-notch pizzas that are among the best in Bologna. The menu ranges from meat-forward to veggie-centric pizzas, though guests can also choose their own toppings.

7. Pizzeria Artist

This hole in the wall pizzeria serves by the (rectangular) slice. Choose from a number of pizzas and eat while standing for a Roman pizza experience.

Best pizza in Bologna


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