the best pizza in Liverpool

The 7 Best Pizzas In Liverpool

The Liverpool pizza scene ranges from simple-yet-gourmet slices to authentic wood-fired pies that you would happily eat every weekend.

This is one city where carb lovers will be safe and sound. To make sure you’re spending less time researching and more time feasting, we’ve rounded up the very best pizza in Liverpool.

Dig into these delicious pies…

Best pizza in LiverpoolHow do these rankings work?

1. Crust

Crust also serves delicious pasta but you’d be foolish to ignore the pizza in here. They give you a choice of five types of crusts, so alongside their delicious toppings there’s something for everybody here.

2. Rudy’s Pizza

Many regard Rudy’s Pizza as the best pizza in the country. They’ve moved onto their second premises in Manchester on Peter Street and also expanded to Liverpool. None of the quality is lost as they grow, which is a real testimony to their excellence.

the best pizza in Liverpool

3. Love & Rockets

Love & Rockets on Lark Lane is a go-to pizza joint for many locals, thanks to its delicious stone baked pizzas and unusual toppings. Think: duck and hoisin with cucumber, or brie and grape. It’s one of the essential places for pizza in Liverpool.

the best pizza in Liverpool

4. The Italian Club

The Italian Club is a family-run bistro and their pizzas are all made with authentic Italian ingredients. And yes, that means fresh dough, daily. Want to try a unique ‘Norwegian-style’ pizza? How about Scottish smoked salmon, double cream, fior Di latte mozzarella and fresh chopped chives!

5. American Pizza Slice

If you’re in the mood for a beautifully greasy slice of New York-style pizza then this is the only place to go. American Pizza Slice has somewhat of a cult following, and for good reason. Their thin base pizza base is smothered with a spicy tomato sauce then loaded with 100% mozzarella cheese, and a sprinkling of herbs.

the best pizza in Liverpool
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6. Little Furnace

With a year-round pop up at Baltic Market and a restaurant on Smithdown Road, Little Furnace serve amazing Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas. You can feast on a traditional Margherita or try a vegan cheese pizza.

the best pizza in Liverpool

7. Amalia

Amalia has a great range of authentic Italian dishes, but it’s their fluffy, charred pizzas that they’re best known for. Super hungry? Try their famous Calzone Challenge: finish the 5lb Calzone feast, stuffed with vegetables, mincemeat, tomato sauce and cheese, and you’ll get it for free.

the best pizza in Liverpool

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