First Cross Border Cable Car

Travel Between Russia & China On World’s First Cross-Border Cable Car

Have a spare eight minutes? We guarantee there’s no better way to spend them than by hopping from China to Russia on the world’s first ever cross-border cable car.

The cable car will run between Heihe in northeast China and Blagoveshchensk in Russia, bringing passengers over the Amur River.

Each car can carry 60 passengers, and they will leave every 15 minutes. The actual time up in the air to travel over the river takes just three-and-a-half minutes.

How amazing would it be to go back and forth from China to Russia in this new cable car?

new cable car

The terminal is designed by Dutch architecture design studio UNStudio. It has an elevated viewing platform looking over the Amur towards Heihe and a sky garden. The plan is to make the terminal more than just a passing-through space.

There will be regular events and it will become an urban park of sorts. Beautiful in both summer and winter. The green space in summer months will be lively, while the river will freeze over in winter.

cable car terminal

Ben van Berkel, founder and principal architect at UNStudio, told CNN that the cable car would be the first ever to join two countries and cultures.

It’s still in planning stages, but construction will begin in 2020.

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