Most Luxurious Bars in Zurich

7 Of The Best Bars In Zurich

Known by many travellers around the world as the banking capital of Switzerland, Zurich is famous for high-end shopping and lots of luxury. However, when compared to other Swiss cities, you’ll find some of the best bars in Zurich.

If you’re visiting this Zurich, then it’s likely that you’re going to spend a lot of time walking down the historic riverbanks and indulging in fancy chocolate tastings. Afterwards, treat yourself to even more luxury and spend the evening downing cocktails with the locals.

Need suggestions of where to go out in Switzerland? Here are seven of the best bars in Zurich where you can everything from elegance to total comfort.

Best Bars In ZurichHow do these rankings work?

1. El Lokal

Imagine what an abandoned pirate ship in Switzerland might look like. That’s kind of the vibes you get when you walk in the door at El Lokal. 

While there are certainly more lavish places in the Swiss city to grab a drink, this is usually rated one of the best bars in Zurich amongst millennial travellers simply due to the outrageous decor and dirt-cheap drinks.

The Best Bars in Zurich According to Travellers

2. Raygrodski

You only need two words to describe this bar: hip minimalism. Boasting a large, welcoming bar, excellent mood lighting, and some of the most comfortable Chesterfield couches in town, Raygrodski is one of Zurich’s chicest yet relaxed new bars.

While it might seem like a relaxing place to get a quiet drink, the place fills up on the weekend, so expect to brush shoulders with some of the local students and professionals in Zurich.

Best Bars in Zurich for Date Night

3. Frau Gerold’s Garten

If you make it to Zurich during the spring or summer months, then you absolutely have to go and check out Frau Gerold’s Garten. This open-air container city is brimming with various things to eat and drink.

The outdoor seating is cosy, especially if it’s warm outside, and the vibes, in general, are just downright cool. Order a drink at the bar and then find a seat anywhere you like. If you’re lucky, there’ll be live music wafting in and out of the air in the distance.

Where To Find the Best Bars in Zurich

4. George

Looking for luxury? George is one of the best bars in Zurich for those who need an elegant night out on the town.

Here, you’ll find local Swiss celebrities and some of Zurich’s most upscale inhabitants. The decor is absolutely divine, with white and black tiles contrasting the plush 1950s-like furniture.

Enjoy a cocktail at the bar as you enjoy the sounds of a live jazz piano. Or, get there early to savour the tastes of whatever’s on the menu at the grill.

Most Luxurious Bars in Zurich

5. Old Crow

Travellers love that the bartenders at Old Crow truly know their stuff. The mixologists behind the bar here are highly experienced and make some of the best cocktails in Zurich.

On top of that, they have a pretty extensive selection of liquor to choose from, including lots of interesting rare spirits. Head here after dinner for the perfect nightcap before going back to the hotel.

Unique Rare Spirits and Cocktail Bar in Zurich

6. Cabaret Voltaire

If you’re travelling alone and looking to meet other people while visiting Switzerland, then Cabaret Voltaire is one of the best bars in Zurich for you.

The people who frequent this bar are just as laidback as the atmosphere and decor, making it one of the most unpretentious places in the city where you can enjoy great drinks and even better conversation.

Image: Spacebase

7. Club Zunkunft

If you’re intrigued by underground vibes and thumping electronic music, then make your way down the Club Zunkunft on a weekend evening. Locals call it Zuki if you’re asking for directions, as it’s a little hard to find.

The club itself opens at midnight, but you can head upstairs to Bar3000 for a drink beforehand to loosen up. You’ll need it if you’re going to spend the night here dancing your heart out.

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