Busiest Cities For Traffic Congestion

The 10 Cities With The Most Traffic Congestion In 2019

Planning your travels? You’re going to want to plan your driving route perfectly by taking a look at the busiest cities for traffic congestion.

With many of us having to spend hours in the car every week, it could be wise to avoid some of the cities topping the list. The last thing you want on your holidays is to spend half of it in a traffic jam!

The traffic index was prepared by TomTom who have all the data in the driving and traffic sector, aiming to reduce congestion with their technology.

There won’t be many surprises for people who live here, but these are the top 10 busiest cities for traffic congestion. You can scroll through 403 other cities to find your home city as well..

The 10 Cities With The Most Traffic Congestion In 2019

10th. Recife – Brazil

With a population approaching 2 million, people the roads simple cannot handle the traffic during peak hours.

9th. Mexico City – Mexico

Given its huge size, sprawled out nature and poor infrastructure in places, it should come as no surprise to see Mexico City in the list. Certainly not if you live there and experience the congestion on a daily basis.

Busiest Cities For Traffic Congestion

8th. Bangkok – Thailand

The situation is so bad in Bangkok that the government are even looking at changing the capital city’s location, so that less people come there for congestion reasons.

7th. Jakarta – Indonesia

Jakarta is huge mega city at that is part of one of the biggest countries in the world. No surprise to anybody who lives there that it makes the busiest cities for traffic congestion

6th. Istanbul – Turkey

They have improved congestions levels 6% in the last year, but you might not feel that if stuck for hours on your commute in the city.

Busiest Cities For Traffic Congestion

5th. Moscow – Russia

A city of 12 million people that seems to be busy with slow moving traffic, no matter what time of the day you travel.

4th. New Delhi – India

One of the world’s biggest cities with close to 20 million people living here with roads that aren’t developed enough to handle the huge traffic congestion.

3rd. Lima – Peru

Lima is the 12th most populous metro area in the world with congestion that is not improving year on year.

2nd. Bogota – Columbia

Another city with major congestion issues, Bogota isn’t getting the investment to make things better.

1st. Mumbai – India

With over 20 million people living in the cit, the congestion and time spent getting around on a daily basis makes the place painful for many to live in.

Busiest Cities For Traffic Congestion

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