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The 7 Best Burgers In Winnipeg

The simple hamburger is easily one of the tastiest creations in the world; juicy, meaty and always reliable, it’s a relief for fellow greedy guts to know that the very best burgers in Winnipeg are top class.

From the huge and monstrous burgers full of toppings; street vendors cooking up simple patties right through to fine dining restaurants with their gourmet take on this American snack. We’ve come up with a list that has something for everybody.

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1. Brazen Hall Kitchen & Brewery

Brazen Hall is the the first true brewpub in the area of Fort Rouge, so not only can you get a seriously great burger, you can also wash it down with a lip smacking beer. Burgers come with a uniquely tasty scallion potato bun and roast garlic aioli. A flavour powerhouse in a bun.

2. Nuburger

Nuburger aims to perfect the “guilt free” burger, and they’re actually succeeding. They make their own tasty sauces with less oil, salt, and sugar, pile on fresh wholesome toppings and seek out locally-raised grass-fed cattle. Burgers are made with wholesome, non-processed, the-way-it-should-be ingredients. Delicious.

3. George’s

If there’s one spot that always gets a mention when it comes to the best burgers in Winnipeg, it’s George’s. This low key burger joint has everything from juicy burgers to creamy shakes.

Don’t come here without ordering the signature Fatboy: a beef patty with cheese, chilli, lettuce, mayo, mustard, onions, pickles and tomato. Double it up if you’re super hungry.

4. Boon Burgers

Boon Burgers is actually a 100% vegan cafe, with purely plant-based burgers. You won’t believe how tasty these burgers are. A top pick is the prairie fried chick’n. It comes with a chick’n patty, buffalo bbq sauce, bacun, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and pickles.

Who needs meat when a Boon burger tastes so goddamn good?

best burgers Winnipeg

5. Stella’s

Stella’s might be best known for its delicious breakfast and brunch, but they also serve up some of the best burgers in Winnipeg. If you can’t decided between brekkie or lunch, get their satisfying B&E Burger: a grass-fed beef burger with all of the fixings, two strips of bacon & a sunny-side egg.

The absolute dream burger for somebody who loves them big and full of toppings.

best burgers Winnipeg

6. White Star Diner

This cute diner is an ode to the Titanic, which sailed as part of the White Star Line. They’re all about Canadian pride and shop locally and hand pick all their produce, so you’re getting the best of what’s in season.

Burgers are handmade, thick and juicy, with Canadian cheese and all sorts of droolworthy topping to add on.

best burgers Winnipeg

7. Blondie’s 

Blondie’s is home to the famous 9lb burger: a HUGE beast of a burger that only the brave can finish alone. We suggest ordering one to share between a group, or get one of the tasty 1/8lb burgers for yourself.

One thing’s for sure – you’ll never leave here hungry.

best burgers Winnipeg

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