best coffee in bali

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Bali

With a third wave of coffee sweeping across Asia over the last decade, we wanted to share the very best spots for coffee in Bali that you simply can’t miss out on.

We focus for the most part on small independent coffee shops who go above and beyond to bring new flavours and techniques to their local communities. The businesses and people who are super passionate about coffee, in terms of how they source, roast and serve it.

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1. Seniman Coffee Studio

This coffee haven takes things to another level: Seniman is a green bean processor, coffee exporter, roaster, designer, maker, explorer, and proudly based in Indonesia. The boutique cafe roasts all their own beans on site, so every brew here tastes incredible.

Staff are always on hand to talk you through the latest coffee news and tips, making this a must for any coffee fan.

2. Baby Revolver Espresso

The Seminyak outpost of Baby Revolver Espresso might be tiny but the brews here are mighty. It’s hidden down a little laneway and is a pioneer in Bali’s coffee scene when it comes to espresso and artisan coffees.

They source beans from local farmers and roast them to perfection on a vintage 5kg Diedrich roaster. It’s a real vibe.

3. Expat. Roasters

Expat. Roasters is a specialty coffee producer with an international award-winning head barista at its helm. They work closely with Balinese farmers to source amazing local beans, as well as having a “nomadic collection of beans from around the globe”.

It’s a firm favourite of Bali residents.

4. Pison Coffee

This is a seriously good specialty coffee house that blends Sydney-style coffee with the best of Bali. Try the signature single origin Sumatra Bluebatak roast or one of their creative drinks: a nitro cold brew, or the wild-but-good Espresso Avocado.

The baristas here are always on hand to chat about what’s brewing that day.

5. Kynd Community

Kynd Community is a popular cafe in Bali that you’ve more than likely seen all over your Instagram already – those smoothie bowls are some of the prettiest we’ve ever seen. Their coffee menu is actually even better; try their homemade plant milks such as creamy coconut or date and almond.

best coffee in bali

6. Crate Cafe

This Australian coffee spot opened in April 2014, bringing excellent cuppas to Cangguu. It’s a funky place with wooden pallets, the menu painted straight onto the walls and a trendy clientele.

The coffee stands out as being some of the best coffee in Bali, and yes, the flat white is as good as you would expect.

best coffee in bali

7. Hungry Bird

This lovely microroastery works closely with local coffee farms, producing valued green beans while ensuring the fair trade system is respected to support the local farmers. The team here is super talented: owner Edo claimed 1st place in the first ever Indonesian Aeropress Championship.

You’re sure to always have a perfect cup of coffee here, and they even host cupping sessions.

best coffee in bali

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