The 7 best Memphis coffee shops in Tennessee

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Memphis

A day doesn’t truly start until a strong cup of coffee has been had. Luckily, there’s no shortage of quirky and wonderful cafés in Tennessee. These are the best coffee shops in Memphis.

The attention to detail found in the city’s coffee shops and their championing of independent roasters makes it a coffee-lover’s dream.

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1. Café Eclectic

What Café Eclectic lacks in atmosphere is certainly makes up for with excellent coffee drinks, friendly staff and eccentric baked goods. Try the Cinnful Jim or order an affogato on a warmer day.

The 7 best Memphis coffee shops in Tennessee

2. Avenue Coffee

This no-frills coffeehouse has plenty of outdoor seating and is a great stop for a late-night bite too. The shop offers a classic menu, and the drinks are made with an expert touch. Go for a seasonal drink, or stick to a classic latte, which is never wrong.

The 7 best Memphis coffee shops in Tennessee

3. Ugly Mug

This local chain makes coffee with a touch of whimsy. This shop has one great collection of “ugly” mugs that they serve up delicious coffee, hot chocolate and tea drinks in. Their beans are ethically and sustainably sourced and roasted in-house. In addition to selling beans, the shop sells just about anything a coffee aficionado needs at home.

The 7 best Memphis coffee shops in Tennessee

4. City&State

City&State is more than a coffee shop; it also sells stylish home decor items and accessories. Events like the Cold Brew Throwdown keep things lively, but the delicious drinks are reason enough to visit. Creative seasonal drinks like the summer coconut cold brew are worth trying, though the menu covers stand-by espresso drinks too.

The 7 best Memphis coffee shops in Tennessee

5. Launch Process Coffee

This alternative coffee shop is barebones in the best way possible. The rustic-chic space is homey, and the focus remains on creative amazing drinks. In addition to a killer cortado and other great espresso drinks, the menu includes smoothies, bubble tea and seasonal specialty drinks like a rosemary brown sugar latte.

6. Belltower Artisans

Belltower Artisans isn’t your average coffeehouse. It has a pottery studio in the back of the shop and features a coffee subscription service. This means regulars can pay a monthly fee to have 12 to 28 pre-paid drinks per month, though seasonal drinks are not included. If you’re a major café goer, it’s pretty genius.

Go for a creamy latte or an iced matcha latte and stay for the bourbon butter pecan or brown sugar coconut affogatos.

7. Low Fi Coffee

This minimalist coffee shop places all of their energy on friendly service, great handmade coffees and environmentally-safe single-use products. You can rest assured your dollars are well spent here. The service is fast and focused, and the pour overs are top-notch.

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