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The 7 Best Pizzas In Minneapolis

Have a craving for the best pizza in Minneapolis? Consider this your DIY slice-by-slice guide to the tastiest pies in the city.

Whether you’re a local looking for new food spots or just here for a few days while you’re visiting, this is one place where carb lovers will be safe and sound.

Put your game face on; get ready to eat your bodyweight in fresh cheese and chargrilled dough at these seven best places for pizza…

Best pizza in MinneapolisHow do these rankings work?

1. Pizzeria Lola

Their pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven and come with a thin and crispy base and wonderfully spongey classic Italian-style crusts.

What makes their pies really stand out is the love, imagination and colour they put into their toppings. Their pizzas look like works of art that are nearly too good to eat. Nearly!

2. Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza

Their pizzas are cooked in a coal-fired oven, which gives the crust that wonderful smokey and crisp base.

Throw in a great wine list, craft beers and pies that are made for sharing, and this is the perfect spot for a big meal with friends.

minneapolis pizza

3. Young Joni

They are constantly winning awards for their pizza and once you taste the first slice you’ll see exactly why.

They also serve other great dishes along with cocktails and some divine desserts, but you come here for one reason and that is the pizza. Unimaginably good.

minneapolis pizza

4. Pizza Nea

They’ve been cooking pizza in the Neapolitan tradition since way back in 2002 and they quite simply never serve a bad pie.

The toppings are simple and classical, but when something tastes as good as this why complicate it?

minneapolis pizza

5. Burch Steak

A super trendy yet chilled restaurant where they do great brunch at the weekends and modern Italian menu the rest of the week.

Their pizzas are very classical Italian in style and are made to be folded over in the hand and devoured. Add in some great wines and a solid beer selection, and this is the perfect place to start a night out.

6. Red Wagon Pizza Company

They make all their own dough, which once cooked in their wood-fired oven results in one of the best bases you will ever taste.

Served in a relaxed and informal setting, this is the ideal place to bring family or friends for a serious pizza treat. You’ll soon be a lifetime fan, as so many are.

7. Surly Brewing Co.

If you’re in the mood for a New Haven-style a’pizza, this brewery and taproom is all a hot spot for pizzas. They ferment their dough using yeast from their own house brewers and char it until pure perfection.

Toppings include spinach goat cheese spread, pepperoni or burnt honey.

best pizza minneapolis

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