The 7 best Bergen burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Bergen

The foodie scene in this city is second to none, and Bergen burgers are among the best in the country. We set out to find the very best places to feast on some tasty burgers in the city.

From the big fat versions with huge buns packed fulled of toppings to the more classic cheeseburgers, there is something for everybody on the list.

So forget about the diet, grab a friend and get ready to work your way through the absolute best Bergen burger spots

Best burgers in BergenHow do these rankings work?

1. Bien Snackbar

Simple and ridiculously tasty food combined with a large selection of beers and classical cocktails.

They focus on seafood and snacks, but the burger is the real star of the show. Big juicy patties with simple classical toppings make this a complete winner.

2. Royal

They are best known for two things, which are their burgers and their extensive gin menu. The burgers themselves are so picture perfect that you nearly don’t want to ruin them by eating them! Nearly.

The sort of place you come with friends and stay on for a couple of drinks. World class dining.

The 7 best Bergen burgers

3. Harbour Café

They perfect location for some great food and people watching especially if you can grab a seat by one of their large windows.

Their burgers are stuffed full of delicious toppings and you’ll struggle to eat them all in one go. We will say make sure you come with an appetite, as the portions are large.

4. Bryggeriet Restaurant

Not only do they brew their own beer, but their restaurant also has a spectacular view our over the harbour. All of that is before you even mention their delicious burgers.

The menu is extensive with some great dishes to pair with those beers but you would be foolish to ignore the burger.

5. Roxys Diner

The sort of place to come if you really want to treat yourself and have a proper cheat meal. They do great tacos, shakes, loaded fries and of course burgers.

A family friendly restaurant where everything tastes delicious. You’ll quickly be planning your next visit.

6. Roll & Rock American Diner

A proper 1950s style diner with a juke box and menu that features all the classics you would expect to see.

They stay open late which makes it the perfect spot to grab a burger with friends before a night out or even on the way home. Seriously tasty and juicy patties are the key here.

7. Inside Live & Rock cafe

They’ve been running this super popular rock venue since way back in 2004 and it continues to grow in popularity by the day.

Many come for the music, but once you get the first taste of that burger you are going to be seriously hooked. Great music, quality beer and top notch burgers. What more could you want from life?

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