The 50 Best Sushi Restaurants In America

The best sushi in America ranges from traditional to unique and downright outrageous. But, there’s one thing that all of the best sushi restaurants in America have in common – they serve up some of the most delicious sushi in North America.

Sushi’s become such a hot culinary trend in America that you don’t have to head to Los Angeles or even New York to encounter a tempting ménage of sashimi served alongside strong sake shots. Now, every state in America is home to a smattering of sushi restaurants that’ll transport you straight to the streets of Tokyo.

Get your chopsticks ready and prepare to roll. Here are the 50 best sushi restaurants in America.

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1. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar – Birmingham, Alabama

If you’ve never tried “burgushi” then now’s your chance. At the Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar, you can order traditional hand-crafted sushi, like the Tropical Storm Roll, or venture out and try something more unique, like their The All-American Bacon Double Cheeseburgooshi. If it weren’t so tasty it’d be cliche. Yet, it’s delicious and we can’t help but love it.

2. Ronnie Sushi – Anchorage, Alaska

Tucked away on a quiet corner in Anchorage, Alaska you’ll find Ronnie Sushi, one of the best sushi restaurants in America. Here, they serve both traditional and modern Japanese cuisine, but the main event is their sushi bar. Everything’s prepped by Ronnie Lee, Alaska’s No. 1 sushi chef, so you know it’s all delightfully flavoursome.

3. Hiro Sushi – Scottsdale, Arizona

The intimate setting of Hiro Sushi sets the stage for one of the most impressive presentations of sushi in Arizona. The sushi bar here is incredibly long, so pull up a chair and prepare to be delighted as you sample any of the nearly twenty different sushi offerings available.

4. Sushi House – Bentonville, Arkansas

Offering a familiar menu of rolls, Sushi House is Arkansas’ best sushi restaurant by far. From the variety of their rolls to the spectacular sashimi they server on a daily basis, there’s nothing about this place that’s not quality.

5. Sushi Enya – Los Angeles, California

While Los Angeles is home to arguably some of the best sushi restaurants in America, you’ll find the best in Little Tokyo. Enjoy carefully-prepared sushi that’s made with fresh ingredients and a certain splash of style. Make sure you try their omakase while you’re there; it’s what they’re famous for.

6. Jei Sushi – Colorado Springs, Colorado

All-you-can-eat, hand-rolled sushi? Um, yes, please. At Jei Sushi, expect to dine on some of the freshest fish in Colorado and watch as they prepare your rolls for your right in front of your eyes. It’s a good thing it’s all-you-can-eat because you’re going to want to sample as much of their menu as possible.

7. Ginza Japanese Cuisine – Wethersfield, Connecticut

Ginza is one of the best sushi restaurants in America, in part, due to the way in which they combine cultures. On the menu? Authentic Japanese fare with French flare, meaning that their sushi is to die for and their wine list is extensive. This fine dining establishment does it all right.

8. Sakura Japanese Sushi – Delaware

Ask any local and they’ll tell you that this quaint little restaurant serves the best sushi in Delaware. From the large sushi rolls to the traditional Japanese dishes, there’s nothing here that guests don’t love. Try the Firebird rolls; everybody raves about them.

Best Sushi Restaurant in Delaware

9. Kao Sushi & Grill – Miami, Florida

At Kao Sushi & Grill, they specialise in bringing forth a culinary delight on every level, but they particularly excel at serving quality sushi. Flavourful, fresh, and finely-crafted, the sushi here is not only the best in Florida, but some of the best in all of America.

American sushi

10. MF Sushi – Atlanta, Georgia

MF stands for “magic fingers,” so it comes as no surprise that the chef behind MF Sushi in Atlanta plays up the showmanship big time. In reality, he does seem to have magic fingers, as the rolls here are perfectly wrapped and elaborately presented, not to mention absolutely delicious.

11. Sushi Murayama – Honolulu, Hawaii

At Sushi Murayama, you can order your sushi omakase or à la carte, and we definitely suggest ordering omakase. Leave the choice of ingredients and presentations in the hand of the sushi chef, as they really know what they’re doing here.

12. Fuji Sushi & Hibachi – Idaho Falls, Idaho

Whether you’re a fan of salmon sashimi or enjoy watching chefs fire up the hibachi grill, you’ll enjoy your experience at Fuji Sushi. Guests note that the salmon sashimi is some of the best in the entire Northern United States and that their sushi rolls are well-crafted and flavourful.

13. Sushi-san – Chicago, Illinois

Elegance and flavour combine at Sushi-san to form one of the most luxurious sushi bars in Chicago and beyond. Despite specialising in sashimi, any one of the made-to-order hand rolls here are absolutely divine. We suggest ordering a cocktail with your sushi, as the bartenders are just as talented as the chefs.

14. Ocean World Sushi – Indianapolis, Indiana

Even the eclectic decor of Ocean World Sushi can’t distract from the wonderful taste of the inventive sushi rolls they serve. They’ve been serving locals for nearly 25 years, which means they’ve had time to perfect their delightful nigiri sushi roll recipe, amongst others.

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15. Sakura Sushi – Des Moines, Iowa

What’s not to love about a place that serves high-quality sushi with a decorative flair? Here, the only problem we have is that the sushi is so beautiful that it feels like a shame to devour it – which is exactly what you’re going to do after one nibble and taste of just how delicious it is.

Best Sushi Restaurants in America

16. Blue Sushi Sake Grill – Westwood, Kansas

An inspired mix of sushi rolls and other Japanese traditional dishes await you at Blue Sushi Sake Grill, one of the best sushi restaurants in America. Whether you order salmon sashimi or even tuna maguro, you can’t go wrong here. It’s all savoury and fresh.

17. Oishii Sushi – Richmond, Kentucky

The landlocked state of Kentucky might not be your first guess as a place where they’d serve mouth-watering sushi, but Oishii Sushi is quite the surprise. World-renowned sushi chefs cut, roll, and serve some of the most delicious sushi rolls in the country, each one as fresh and flavourful as the next.

18. Tsunami Sushi – Lafayette, Louisiana

You can expect more than great sushi here. Superb sashimi and sake are also standard fares, and they’re always served with a side of Louisiana hospitality. Tsunami Sushi is one of the best sushi restaurants in America, and if you don’t believe us, then head there and try for yourself.

19. Yosaku – Portland, Maine

The only thing that guests have ever complained about that Yosaku is that the menu might be too extensive, but when it comes to great sushi, we’ve never seen that as a problem. While it’s true that Yosaku serves up a long list of different kinds of sushi, they’re all absolutely worth a try. And, their sushi guide is helpful if you’re new to it all.

20. Sushi Q – Elkridge, Maryland

Strip mall sushi joints are one of the most intriguing aspects of American cuisine. If you’re looking for the best sushi in America, then head to a small strip mall in Elkridge, Maryland. Seriously. Their broad menu offerings are often more impressive than any high-end sushi place you’d find in various areas of Japan.

21. Cafe Sushi – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Tasty sake and delicate touches make the sushi here some of the best in Massachusetts. If you’re looking for intriguing, creative details such as truffle oil & cherry blossom with your sushi rolls, then Cafe Sushi is the place for you.

22. AKA Sushi – Jackson, Michigan

Locals love AKA Sushi for the delicious & fresh menu options as well as for the good atmosphere and service of the staff. The sushi served here is always fresh, and the menu is designed in a way so that anybody with any palate is going to enjoy their meal.

23. Kyatchi – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kyatchi’s dedication to sustainable seafood is so impressive that it pushes it to the top of any list of the best sushi restaurants in America. The establishment itself is an elegant exercise in simplicity, serving up both traditional & creative sushi, all with a focus on sustainability.

24. UCHU Sushi – Portland, Mississippi

Trendy vibes and large fish tanks make UCHU Sushi one of the coolest places to eat sushi in Mississippi. This two-floor restaurant is headed by the inspiring Tom Nguyen, whose passion for everything fish-related shines through in the sushi he rolls and serves to hungry guests from all over the country.

25. Haruno – Springfield, Missouri

Haruno has gained popularity in recent years as one of Springfield’s hottest nightspots. Despite slinging quality cocktails in a chic late-night atmosphere, Haruno also specialises in sushi – some of the best in the country, actually. You’ll head here for the trendy vibes, but you’ll stay for the quality and freshness of the fish they use in their sushi rolls.

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26. Dave’s Sushi – Bozeman, Montana

Dave’s Sushi is helmed by, well, Dave. He used to be a software engineer and now he’s completely revolutionised the way people in Montana see sushi. Here, it’s elegantly crafted and perfectly paired with the freshest of ingredients. If you’re a die-hard sushi fan, it might be worth a whole trip out to Bozeman just to try.

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27. Ginger Grill – Lincoln, Nebraska

At Ginger Grill, you really get a three-for-one deal as a restaurant. It’s a Mongolian grill, a sushi bar, and a relaxing lounge all rolled into one. However, their sushi is the standout star, as numerous guests have noted that they believe it to be some of the best sushi in the world.

28. Kabuto-Edomae Sushi – Las Vegas, Nevada

At Kabuto, expect nothing less than top-quality sushi prepared from fresh fish caught from Tokyo Bay. Yes, we’re talking imported fish that retains its taste so well that you’d think you’re eating at a highrise sushi bar in Japan.

Best American Sushi Restaurants

29.  Kumo Sushi – Windham, New Hampshire

Healthy, tasty, and packed full of the finest ingredients, Kumo Sushi is famous for its outstanding preparation and for their service. Sampling their menu is truly a delight. From Christmas to spicy dragon, their rolls are varied and delicious.

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30. Sagami Japanese Restaurant – Collingswood, New Jersey

The daily fresh selections that the sushi bar at Sagami serves up are so outstanding that this little joint in Collingswood, New Jersey is one of the rarest gems on this list. Looking for the best sushi in America? It’s in Collingswood.

31. Sakura Sushi and Grill – Albuquerque, New Mexico

The chefs at Sakura are so passionate about sushi that they offer it in numerous different forms:  baked rolls, vegetable rolls, house rolls, tempura rolls and fresh rolls are all on the menu here. We suggest trying them all, as they each deserve their own sampling.

32. Sushi Azabu – New York

Tucked away in an intimate Manhattan setting, Sushi Azabu serves fresh-from-Japan fish earns it a spot on the list of the best sushi restaurants in America. What some might believe to be Tribeca’s best-kept sushi secret is about to get a whole lot more popular – the sushi here is just that unbelievable.

Where Are the Best Sushi Restaurants in America

33. Yosake Downtown Sushi Lounge – Wilmington, North Carolina

Tokyo vogue décor attracts passersby into this trendy sushi joint in Wilmington. Once they’re there, it’s the delectable taste of the sushi that entices them not only to stay but to keep going back for more. Yosake is the spot for finely-wrapped, creative sushi rolls in North Carolina.

34. Basil Sushi Bar and Asian Bistro – Williston, North Dakota

We’re not quite sure how they do it, but the owners of this restaurant have been able to introduce authentic Japanese food to locals in Williston. Creative rolls, sake drinks, and a variety of tasty Asian dishes are all things you can expect from a visit to Basil Sushi Bar.

35. Mizu Sushi – Parma, Ohio

Even though the locale might be unassuming, there’s nothing modest about the quality of the fish at Mizu Sushi. Fresh and flavourful, the chefs here perfectly craft modern yet creative takes on traditional sushi rolls.

36. GoGo Sushi – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We’re big fans of anywhere where you can enjoy delectable food at a reasonable price, especially when it comes to sushi. And, that’s exactly what you can expect to find when you pull a chair up to the sushi bar at GoGo Sushi. From sashimi and Bento boxes to the tastiest rolls in Oklahoma, it’s all here.

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37. Yama Sushi & Izakaya – Portland, Oregon

There’s more to Portland than craft beer and great coffee. This trendy city is also home to some of the best sushi in America, which you’ll find at Yama Sushi & Izakaya. Their impressive sushi rolls are rivalled only by their expansive sake menu. Mix, match, and enjoy it all.

38. Ginza – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

You don’t have to ask a local twice. The hands-down best sashimi in Pennsylvania is in Lancaster at the local sushi restaurant, Ginza. However, it’s the other items on their menu that really interest us, like their spicy tuna rolls and their delicious Alaska roll.

39. Shogun – Warwick, Rhode Island

Shogun is a family-owned restaurant serving up authentic Japanese food to visitors near and far. All food here is cooked and served tableside, which is something unique, especially in this part of the United States. Concerning quality, there’s really no competiton; Shogun is definitely home to the best sushi in the region.

Sushi Restaurants in Rhode Island

40. Miyako Sushi Group – Spartanburg, South Carolina

You might think it’d be hard to find quality, specialty rolls deep in the heart of the Southern United States, but Miyako is changing that. They’re pinoeering the way for excellent sushi restaurants in South Carolina, and they’re doing it one roll at a time. Try their savoury Dragon roll or sample a Godzilla, Fat Tire, or even a Cow Girl. They’re all fantastic.

41. Oshima Sushi Japanese Cuisine – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Oshima has been hailed by various food critics in South Dakota as being home to the finest Japanese cuisine in the entire state. The sushi here is superby and fresh, and the combo rolls allow you to sample a taste of the variety they’ve got on the menu. Be sure to finish everything off with one of their famous bubble teas.

42. Fin Fusion Sushi Bar – Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The selection of specialty rolls here is nothing short of spectacular, especially for a mellow strip-mall Japanese eatery in the heart of Tennessee. People drive from out of state just to sample the fish here, making it one of the best sushi restaurants in America for those who love fine flavours and quality service.

43. Uchi – Austin, Texas

Sure, Austin is home to some of the tastiest tacos and finest BBQ in Texas, but it’s also a hotspot for high-quality sushi. At Uchi, you’ll find yourself indulging in some of the best sushi in the world, as ranked by top chefs and travellers. One food critic even touted that “every bite is a revelation” here.

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44. Sapa – Salt Lake City, Utah

Sushi as Sapa is anything but traditional. If you fancy everything inventive and creative when it comes to Japanese cuisine, then you can’t miss the chance to visit Sapa. Try the signature Sapa sushi roll, which is made with filet mignon, string beans, tuna, ginger and chili.

45. Eastern Dragon – St. Albans City, Vermont

Japanese and Chinese cuisine fuse at Eastern Dragon to create a mouthwatering mix of delectable goodness. There’s no doubt that the sushi is some of the best sushi in America, but what’s unclear is just how they manage to pack so much flavour into each roll.

46. Kyushu – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Strip mall sushi joints strike again. Kyushu is one of the most intriguing stip mall sushi restaurants in Virginia, as the wrap-around bar is so quaint and cosy it feels as if you’ve been transported straight to Tokyo. The sushi taste just the same, authentic and fresh, almost as if it’s come straight from Tokyo Bay.

47. Sushi Kashiba – Seattle, Washington

Relaxing water views and enticing sushi rolls make Sushi Kashiba one of the trendiest spots to be in Seattle. Seattle’s “Grand Sushi Master” serves the fish here, which is consistently fresh and never lacking on quality. Numerous outlets claim that Sushi Kashiba is home to the best sushi in America, which means you’ll have to make it out to Seattle to see for yourself.

48. Fujiyama, Beckley, West Virginia

At Fujiyama, talented hibachi chefs prepare authentic Japanese entrees right before your eyes. If that weren’t tantalising enough, they also serve superior sushi that’s just as delicious as it is beautiful. Fujiyama might just make West Virginia the new sushi hotspot in America…

49. Soon’s Sushi Cafe – Kenosha, Wisconsin

Upon first glance, the casual nature of Soon’s Sushi Cafe might make you think twice about how savoury their sushi might be. Upon first bite, however, you’ll be converted into a life-long fan. Their specialty rolls are the best in Wisconsin.

50. Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse – Sheridan, Wyoming

Upon reading the reviews of Sapporro Japanese Steakhouse, you’ll notice one common comment: the high-energy staff puts on a real show. Fresh sushi and impressive show – what more could you ask for out of Japanese dining in America?

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