Maps of Canada for Road Trip Planning

7 Maps Of Canada For Road Trip Planning

Heading off on the ultimate road trip through Canada? Wow, we’re jealous. You’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, which means you better plan ahead to ensure you don’t miss a single thing.

Downloading a Canada map should be the first thing on your to-do list, as it’s going to really help you plan out the best route. However, there are other great maps of Canada you can use to help you make the most of your road trip.

From Toronto all the way to British Columbia, here are seven different maps of Canada that we think will aid you the most if you’re about to drive across one of the coolest countries in the world.

1. Canada Regions Map

First thing’s first. If you’re going to Canada, then you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the different regions of Canada. Yes, this is different than the official provinces of Canada, which we’ll get to in a bit. Generally, the five regions of Canada include the Atlantic Provinces, Central Canada, the Prairie Provinces, the West Coast, and the Northern Territories.

Map of Canada Regions

2. Canada Provinces Map

If the Canada regions map helped you get a general idea of where to go, then a Canada provinces map is going to help you further narrow down travel destinations. There are ten provinces and territories in Canada, each with their own unique culture, climate, and tourist attractions.

Canada Map Provinces

3. British Columbia Map

Now it’s time to look a little deeper. Most people choose to start a road trip on one of Canada’s coasts. British Columbia seems to be a popular starting point for many American travellers. So, if you’re starting a Canadian road trip in Victoria, for example, a British Columbia map will help you look at the terrain and figure out where you want to head.

British Columbia Map

4. Quebec Map

Perhaps you’re not going to drive cross-country and you just want to spend time in one of the most popular Canadian provinces – Quebec. Whether you’re driving through Quebec City or want to tour the province as a whole, this Quebec map can help you plan your trip accordingly.

5. Alberta Map

Alberta is Canada’s fourth-largest province and it’s also home to such stunning sites as Banff, Calgary, and Jasper. If you’re craving adventure and some of the most jaw-dropping Canadian landscapes, then download an Alberta map and plan a route.

6. Montreal Map

You can’t road trip all the way to Canada and not visit Montreal. Even though Montreal is home to some of the best public transportation in Canada, a map of the city will help you find your way around. Try taking a look at a Montreal transit map to help you reduce your commute time while you’re there.

Montreal Transit Map

7. Toronto Map

As the capital city of Ontario, Toronto isn’t that hard to navigate. Similar to Montreal, you’ll find that the public transportation system in Toronto is pretty great. So, download a Toronto map of the subway and be on your way to exploring the city.

Toronto Map Subway

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