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The 50 Best Sandwiches In Asia

Something as simple as a well made wrap or an open sandwich overflowing with creamy salads and meats can leave us licking our lips and looking forward to lunch. So, where are the very best sandwiches in Asia? We’ve been on the hunt and tracked down the best of the best.

These are the drool-inducing sandwiches that will have you legging it from your desk as soon as the boss heads out the door – a sandwich well worth being late back to the office for…

From Banh Mi in Vietnam to Wagyu Beef sandwiches in Hong Kong, Asia is seriously stepping up its sandwich game.

Best Sandwiches In AsiaHow do these rankings work?

50th. Pickle & Fig – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You’ll love the made to order, fresh tasting goodness that is gently laid between two slices of artisan bread. Pickle & Figs turns a simple sambo into a colourful piece of art.

For a feast, try the Philly Cheesesteak with extra cheese sauce.

49th. Phillypinas The Artisanal Cheesesteak – Manila, Philippines

This popular food joint is a unique a fusion between Philadelphia and the Philippines. Expect all the classic elements of a Philly Cheesesteak – juicy meat, peppers and lots of cheese – with some Filipino flavours.

You might need to go to the gym after eating it but every single bite will be worth it. Unreal.

48th. Baker & Spice – Beijing, China

This cute cafe and bakery is all about premium quality ingredients. That means artisanal bread – the fresh, crusty, fluffy kind – and delicious toppings.

Order a tasty scrambled egg sandwich or a freshly made roast beef & pickled slaw sandwich. So tasty you’ll be wanting another one immediately after.

47th. KALA Toast – Hong Kong

This funky grilled cheese store serves up mouthwatering sandwiches on fresh bread, using only the finest imported cheeses. Unique flavour combinations include their famous rainbow cheese toast: there’s lavender (blue), basil (green), tomato (red) and the yellow one is a blend of four kinds of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, emmental and gruyere).

Image: @dreamerfoodtravels/Instagram

46th. The Boutique Kitchen – Dubai, UAE

The sandwiches here are on local, rustic bread, with a menu so tempting you’ll find it tough to pick just one.Chow down on a golden fried chicken breast sandwich, smothered in Frank’s red hot sauce, or a classic grilled cheese toastie.

45th. My Place Lounge – Chiang Mai, Thailand

At sweet, savory, pickled, crunchy, salty and spicy ingredients mingle together on perfectly toasted bread. My Place Lounge is a lively sports bar that also has some of the best sandwiches in Asia. Their paninis are super popular, with ingredients such as tender pulled pork and Italian sausage on fluffy ciabatta rolls.

44th. The Fat Pig – Hanoi, Vietnam

How good does this sound: Gochujang and orange glazed boneless rib fingers, Thai som tam slaw, roasted peanuts – all on a fresh baked brioche bun. The Fat Pig knows a thing or two about meat, and have a key focus on seasonal, local and sustainable ingredients.

So you can feel good about every single mouthful.

43rd. Sandwich Saigon – Singapore

One of Asia’s most famous sandwiches, the banh mi from Vietnam is imitated all over the world. Sandwich Saigon however, is the real deal. The silky pate and pork is then topped off with pickled carrots and daikon, sliced cucumber, cilantro and spicy chilies. One bite and you could easily be at a street food stall in Ho Chi Minh.

42nd. Little Birdy – Hong Kong

This dreamy sandwich is a boneless chicken thigh in rotisserie chicken-style, stuffed into a doughy buttered bun, with garlic sauce, pickled onions and shredded lettuce. There’s also a crispy fried chicken version in a burger bun.

A delight of a sandwich with lots more options on the menu for the non-meat loving crowd.

Image: @thisgirlabroad /Instagram

41st. Zahrat Lebnan – Abu Dhabi, UAE

This iconic local restaurant is a favourite among residents and visitors alike for its menu full of exotic Middle Eastern flavours, and has grown since opening over 30 years ago. Coming here and not ordering the classic shawarma sandwich is a big no-no.

The falafel in saj bread is absolutely delicious. A simple dish, yet one of the best sandwiches in Asia.

40th. Slice Cafe – Manila, Philippines

There’s plenty of droolworth things to order on the menu here, but we can’t look beyond their steak sandwich. Tender Angus beef strips, topped with cheese and caramelised onion, all on a soft brioche bun.

All the sandwiches here are enough to satisfy even the hungriest stomach and are full of the freshest ingredients.

39th. BKK Bagel – Bangkok, Thailand

Want a real taste of New York in Bangkok? This is the place to go. BKK Bagels are hand rolled, boiled and baked to perfection. The bagels are paired with uniquely flavoured, handmade “schmears”, such as a creamy avocado spread.

You can also pile on toppings for a gourmet feast. Think: house-cured corned beef, house-cured salmon or hot, melted gruyere cheese.

38th. Spot – Taipei, Taiwan

Spot is an American-style cafe, expect big portions of classic comfort food. There’s plenty of breakfast and brunch dishes, but the real highlight is the juicy fried chicken and waffle sandwich. You’ll be thinking about this for weeks after.

If you’ve still got room, finish it off with a housemade chocolate chip and hazelnut cookie sandwich for dessert.

37th. Brown Coffee – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Brown Coffee is a stylish cafe with real Khmer spirit, founded by a group of young Cambodian entrepreneurs. You can taste their passion for excellent food in every bite of the sandwiches here. Our go-to order? The Beef Terrine Sandwich, on wholewheat bread with braised beef sauce, romaine lettuce and tender beef.

36th. Schragels – Hong Kong

You scream, we scream, we all scream for Schragels. This top notch bagel spot has introduced authentic New York bagels to Hong Kong.

Bagels are freshly baked every morning according to a bagel recipe passed down through the generations: after proofing the dough for over 24 hours, each bagel is hand rolled, kettle boiled and stone baked. Homemade schmears include honey and pecan or scallion.

35th. Ting Irie – Dubai, UAE

Dubai’s first Jamaican restaurant, Ting Irie is a modern take on Caribbean Cuisine and “food for the soul.” Many Caribbean ingredients and spices are imported straight from Jamaica, such as Scotch Bonnet peppers and Pimento seeds.

As for the sandwiches? There’s slow braised and pulled oxtail with tangy coleslaw on freshly baked cocobuns. Delicious.

34th. Tampa Sandwich Bar – Seoul, South Korea

Tampa Sandwich Bar is all about mouthwatering, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, these bad boys aren’t good for you, but when it’s this delicious, who cares? Taking inspiration from Tampa Bay, Florida, there’s a superb Cubano sandwich with salami, Mojo pork, ham, Swiss cheese and mustard.

To really pig out order the MacN’cheese sandwich…

33rd. Two Men Bagel House – Singapore

Two Men Bagel House prides themselves on being the first place in Singapore for proper, NY-style bagels. There might be others now, but these guys are still the best. Doughy, fluffy soft bagels are stuffed with creative fillings. Think: forest mushrooms or house smoked porchetta.

They do sometimes sell out, so get down early.

32nd. Tsukiji Shoro Honten – Tokyo, Japan

Tamago sando is a Japanese egg salad sandwich, that you’ll find in every convenience store in the country. The tamago sandwich here, however, goes above and beyond.  Tsukiji Shoro Honten is famed for its tamagoyaki (Japanese omelettes), sandwiched in between soft white bread.

It’s sweet yet savoury, and gets its beloved flavour from dashi used when cooking the eggs.

31st. Reform Social & Grill – Dubai, UAE

Reform Social & Grill is a British gastropub that has a menu jam-packed full of tasty dishes.  The ‘five finger’ fish buttie here is what sandwich dreams in Dubai are made of.

It’s a droolworthy beast of battered North Atlantic cod in a thick doorstep loaf, with tartare sauce, mushy peas and melted butter. *licks plate clean*

30th. Common Folk – Manila, Philippines

The sandwiches here are anything but ordinary. Common Folk is a cute cafe that serves tasty and healthy (ish!) sandwiches, in a beautifully designed and slick space. Their sandwiches are stunningly presented and bursting full of flavour. If only all people took as much pride in their offering as this, the world would be a much better place.

29th. Watercress Cafe – Bali, Indonesia

Watercress Cafe is a popular place for brunch and lunch in Bali, with a tempting menu of all the best things to eat. Toasted sandwiches include the B.L.A.S.T (bacon, lettuce, avocado, sprouts, tomato, and mustard mayo on a brioche bun) but we’re also big fans of the open sourdough with roast lemon chicken and radish.

Plus, they’re all about supporting organic farmers, local fishermen and local producers, which helps add even more oomph to their dishes.

28th. Bao Wow – Hanoi, Vietnam

This sandwich bao is too good not to include. These beautifully soft buns are in Hanoi’s Tay Ho District, where you’ll find Bao Wow serving up freshly steamed Bao buns filled with seasonal and creative fillings. Choose from torched tuna, fried chicken, sesame and ginger tempah or tasty take on a Big Mac.

You’ll keep ordering more and more – we guarantee it. It’s one of the best sandwiches in Asia for a reason.

27th. Anand Stall – Mumbai, India

Simple street food stall famous for its massive fusion-cuisine dosas & grilled sandwiches. Dosa (crispy, savoury pancakes) are typically from South India, but the long lines outside this stall show that Mumbai is just as mad about them.

The sandwiches here are soft and buttery, filled with paneer, fried vegetables and spices. Grab one to go for one of the best sandwiches in Asia.

Image: @jugaad_pe_swaad/Instagram

26th. Grizzly Cafe – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Grizzly Cafe is a lovely little cafe with artisan coffee and crispy toasties. While the menu also has other delights, it’s those sarnies that you should go for.

Paramagiana chicken toasties and a beef Bologonese are just two highlights. But honestly? From the avo smash with chicken to the classic grilled cheese, every single sandwich here is pure perfection.

25th. Holey Bread – Bangkok, Thailand

Holey Bread is the sort of bakery that makes sandwiches you wish you had in your lunchbox every single day. All of their bread is made and baked in-store throughout the day and the fillings are seriously good. The Cubano is especially popular, stuffed with smoked ham, bacon, porchetta, pickles, jalapeños,  and thick slices of cheddar.

24th. Backyard Cafe – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Backyard Cafe is a fun, vibrant healthfood cafe that’s ideal if you want to work on your computer or just curl up with a good book. Their menu has a wide range of vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free and sugar-free options.

As for their amazing sandwiches? There’s smoked salmon with fermented cashew cheese on seed bread, or a yummy tempeh sandwich with roast zucchini.

23rd. Pince & Pints – Singapore

This spot does some of the best seafood in the state. Apart from a perfect chilli crab dish, the lobster rolls steal the show at Pince & Pints. Choose from classic warmed lobster meat served Connecticut Style with butter sauce, lemon, chives on buttered pan bread and a side of hand cut fries, or opt for a truffled lobster roll.

Each bite is absolutely incredible.

22nd. Bread & Beast – Hong Kong

These guys put as much effort and passion into the simple sandwich as Michelin Star chefs put into plating a complex dish. The sandwiches here consist of three components, or what they dub the “Sandwich-Trinity”: Wholesome bread, zesty pickles, and a succulent piece of meat.

The grilled pork neck with Char Siu mayo is a must-order.

21st. Bánh Mì 362 – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

You can’t come to Ho Chi Minh and not eat your bodyweight in that beautiful Vietnamese creation of crusty French bread, spicy pickles, carrots and fresh herbs with a swoosh of pate and pork. While you’ll find amazing stalls all across the city, this is a great place to come for a sit-down sandwich. Fresh baguettes and aromatic herbs await.

20th. Hafuu – Osaka, Japan

This popular restaurant specialises in Wagyu beef, that succulent king of all steaks. You can order droolworthy steak dishes to eat in here, but the secret to Hafuu is ordering the Wagyu beef cutlet sandwich. It’s a juicy, flavoursome chunk of beef in between soft toasted white bread. You’ll be back the very next day for more, we promise.

19th. Good Morning Nanyang Cafe – Singapore

Kaya Toast with soft boiled eggs is a classic thing to eat for breakfast in Singapore. The flavours of Kaya (coconut jam) with salty butter and soft-boiled eggs is unbeatable.

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe does a delicious twist dish too, made with orange peel, and their coffee is decently strong.

18th. Casablanca Sandwicherie – Seoul, South Korea

This small-but-might restaurant is best known for their Moroccan chicken sandwich, which has loyal local fans all across the city. The freshly baked bread rolls come from a Syrian bakery and are as light as air. It’s all about the spices and flavours of the fillings though.

The tender chicken is a must-try, but their spicy prawn or minced lamb sandwiches are equally as delicious. A must-eat when trying the best sandwiches in Asia.

best sandwiches in Asia

17th. Toasteria Cafe – Taipei, Taiwan 

For those days when only a gooey, cheesy grilled cheese sandwich will hit the spot, Toasteria Cafe is the best place in Taipei. The menu is extensive, with all sorts of creative fillings alongside the classics. This sandwich will leave you wishing it was even bigger than it actually is, as every bite is a delight.

best sandwiches in Asia

16th. Chuck’s Deli – Manila, Philippines

A classic American-style deli, Chuck’s has some of the best sandwiches in Asia. Their signature thick sandwiches are stuffed full of gourmet fillings and they bake their own rolls on-site every morning. Highlights on the menu include the Chuckatsu Slabwich: a chicken katsu and apple smoked bacon, or a hearty cheesesteak.

best sandwiches in Asia

15th. 3 Little Pigs – Beijing, China

3 Little Pigs is a tiny little gastropub that’s all about house-smoked meats and chunky and delicious sandwiches to show them off with. Their hot Pastrami on rye bread is a beast of sliced meat that melts in the mouth. It’s a messy thing to eat something so big, but the taste is always worth it.

best sandwiches in Asia

14th. ISAO – Bangkok, Thailand

For something a little different (okay, a lot different), come to ISAO, a Japanese sushi restaurant that is full of creativity. They’re famous locally for the sushi sandwich, which is bite-sized pieces of sushi cut intro triangles and rolled in fried onions and katsu breadcrumbs.

It’s one of the more unusual sandwiches on the list, but easily one of the best sandwiches in Asia.

best sandwiches in Asia

13th. Swich – Bali, Indonesia

A popular place in Bali since opening almost a decade ago, Swich now has four locations on the island, serving up fresh sandwiches and juices. It’s completely DIY here, as you choose exactly what sort of sandwich you want. Start off by picking your bread (such as focaccia, baguette or bun) and add on fillings on sauces.

The bacon and egg roll is a classic breakfast option here that never gets old.

best sandwiches in Asia

12th. Sarnies – Singapore

Sarnies is an Australian-owned little café in the bustling CBD, that’s mega passionate about the products and their quality. There’s some downright incredible sandwiches to choose from on the menu, so you might find it hard to pick just one.

To make it easier, we recommend the chicken schnitzel with roma lettuce and mayo, or a roasted chicken breast sandwich with tomatoes, mesclun, home-cured bacon and guacamole.

11th. Game of Toast – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Apart from a punny name on Game of Thrones, this superb sandwich joint in Dubai knocks it out of the park with its menu. There’s soft bread rolls stuffed with slaw and brisket, or a hearty G.O.T. with pure Angus beef , turkey bacon, cheese and freshly cut vegetables.

For something unique, order the triple-decker Castle Black, which has black charcoal bread and fiery mayo.

best sandwiches in Asia

10th. Wagyumafia – Tokyo, Japan

From the famous brand behind three member’s only restaurants in Tokyo, came this  iconic cutlet sandwich shop. There’s only one thing on the menu here at this cult restaurant: gyu-katsu (deep-fried breaded beef cutlet) sandwiches. It’s haute cuisine meets street food,  and while the sandwiches don’t come cheap, it’s worth every cent.

No doubt one of the best sandwiches in Asia.

best sandwiches in Asia

9th. A • Toast – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is a popular breakfast place in KL, known for its fresh handmade sandwiches and pretty toasts piled high with colourful and tasty toppings.

Highlights that you won’t easily find anywhere else include a bamboo charcoal toast sandwich with fluffy omelette and chicken floss. It looks unusual, tastes incredible. Ticks so many boxes and this is the best place to try it.

best sandwiches in Asia

8th. Qwerty – Dubai, UAE

Just LOOK at that amazing fan of crispy cheese on top of the sandwich here. Qwerty is a neighbourhood gastro bar with a a menu of filling favourites, but you can’t come here and not order the toastie.

It comes on fresh brioche bread with three (count ’em!) different cheeses, melted to perfection with a cheddar cheese crisp on the top and chutney for dipping.

best sandwiches in Asia

7th. Liquid Bread Company – Taipei, Taiwan

Liquid Bread Co. is a sleek sandwich counter that uses only the best ingredients for their innovative and downright Instagrammable sandwiches. These bad boys are stacked high, with creations such as a sticky pork belly slab in a butter roll or jam and grilled Swiss cheese.

For the ultimate snack, the loaded Pastrami sandwich is the way to go.

best sandwiches in Asia

6th. Morty’s – Hong Kong

Who knew you could find an authentic New York deli in the middle of Hong Kong? Morty’s is a modern take on the classic delicatessen concept, while still preserving traditional methods.

There’s lots of choice on the sandwich menu here, but we suggest going for the stacks of pastrami with your pick of cut, lean, medium, or fatty, and yellow mustard on their house baked rye bread.

best sandwiches in Asia

5th. Mithlesh Ande Wala – Delhi, India

This famous stall in Tilak Lane always has a super long line outside, but it moves fast and the sandwiches are worth the wait. Mithlesh Ande Wala specialises in a drool-inducing butter omelette sandwich, which is fried until golden and comes stuffed with cheese and seekh kebab.

best sandwiches in Asia
Image: @zingyzest/Instagram

4th. Park Bench Deli – Singapore

Park Bench Deli is a small space yet it manages to execute incredible food and coffee on on a daily basis. Small, yet mighty, some might say. They stick to two key rules when making the sandwiches here: do it big, and do it right. They hit those points every single time with a menu full of old favourites and new creations.

Top picks include the heavenly PBJ with crunchy peanut butter, mixed berry jam, cornflake crusted milk & chocolate bread.

best sandwiches in Asia
Image: @foodiegoh/Instagram

3rd. Melt Grilled Cheesery – Manila, Philippines

Melt is a gourmet “grilled cheesery,” the first restaurant of its kind in Manila, serving a unique variety of the ultimate dream cheese dishes. As well as indulgent savoury cheese sandwiches, they also have a bestselling Dulce de Lacheese – a soft and fluffy sandwich with creamy cheese, dulce du leche, chocolate sauce and ice cream.

It’s the perfect cheat meal treat and a must among the best sandwiches in Asia.

best sandwiches in Asia

2nd. Banh Mi Phuong – Hoi An, Vietnam

This particular version of the banh mi was made popular by Anthony Bourdain when he visited this small stall in Hoi An and declared the baguette a triumph. The most common order is the special which comes with all the meats, salad, pate and veg. You can however choose from various types of pork, chicken or pate to create your own unique Hoi An Banh Mi.

best sandwiches in Asia

1st. Piqniq – Hong Kong

As for where to find the top choice out of all the best sandwiches in Asia? Piqniq is a cute roof terrace that’s the perfect spot for alfresco dining or drinks, with slick views from Victoria Harbour to The Peak. The signature dish is their Wagyu Sando of grade A4 Japanese Miyazaki beef. It comes in cute little picnic baskets with wooden skewers and is an absolute dream to eat.

best sandwiches in Asia

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