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The 7 Best Korean Restaurants In Chicago

Korean cuisine is having a serious moment right now, and Chicago is one of the top cities to in America to try it. The Korean restaurants in Chicago range from fine dining, hearty bowls of bibimbap and fried chicken to mouthwatering barbecue joints.

The Best Korean Restaurants in ChicagoHow do these rankings work?

1. Crisp

The Plain Jane fried chicken at this counter-service Korean joint has cult status in Chicago. Despite the name, there’s nothing plain about this chicken. For the purist who likes their fried chicken sans any sauces, this version is for you.

It’s simply fried to golden perfection.

2. Parachute

This incredibly creative Korean-American restaurant in Avondale is an essential place to eat in Chicago. The menu is designed to be shared, with dishes that change nightly based on availability and the desire to showcase carefully sourced products at their peak. Think: tempura chillis, cuttlefish with crispy rice or a melty Matcha tiramisu.


Your mouth will start watering as soon as you step inside GOGI to the sight of burning charcoal right at your table and the sounds and aromas of sizzling meaty juices. Yep, that’s right: it’s a Korean BBQ joint. Raw meat comes to the table for you to cook it yourself and it’s all delicious.

The best part is when the leftover meats and veg are fried up with egg into a yummy rice dish.

4. En Hakkore

This funky Korean-fusion spot is all about big, steaming bowls of bibimbap with 16 types of vegetables. You choose your rice and meat, such as pork or barbecue beef, decide on the spicy level and then dig right in for a whopper feast. En Hakkore also has amazing Korean tacos on a soft paratha bread tortilla.

5. San Soo Gab San

You’ll find one of the best Korean restaurants in Chicago inside a tiny strip mall, cooking up delicious barbecue and other authentic, traditional dishes. Grill up juicy pork belly, beef brisket or octopus with a great range of other tempting items. Our top picks? The goat casserole is a must-eat, as is the Bulgogi stew.

korean restaurants in Chicago
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6. BopNgrill

BopnGrill is a fast-food-style spot where the best of American bites and Korean flavours combine. Sure, you can get kimchi fries elsewhere, but nowhere does them as good as here.

For a real feed, order the Kimchi Burger: caramelised kimchi (cooked with rendered pork fat!), fried egg, American cheese, applewood smoked bacon, togarashi mayo and onions.

korean restaurants Chicago

7. Jin Ju

Whether you’re a major Korean food fan or totally new to the cuisine, this stylish restaurant will satisfy your cravings. Jin Ju is all about traditional Korean dishes in a modern atmosphere. There’s beef dumpling with scallions, kimchi stew, tofu broth and grilled beef short ribs, to name but a few.

korean restaurants Chicago

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