Michelin Star Restaurants in London

The 7 Hottest Michelin Star Restaurants In London 2020

Planning a fancy meal out in 2020? The Great Britain and Ireland Michelin Stars for 2020 were recently announced, with some amazing new restaurants making into the guide for the first time. Here’s our top picks of the hottest Michelin Star restaurants in London.

The city’s food scene has never been so strong. Put these places on your food bucket list ASAP, before reservations fill up for the entire year ahead…

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1. Mãos – Shoreditch

Type of food on the menu: Surprise tasting menu

What Michelin has to say: “Up to 16 guests dine together around a large table and the multi-course surprise menu offers a masterclass in originality, balance and depth.”

2. Da Terra – Bethnal Green

Type of food on the menu: South American with Italian influences

What Michelin has to say: “There are hints of Latin America and Italy. The harmony of flavours and contrast in textures are memorable. The chefs serve the dishes themselves and explain them with zeal.”

3. A. Wong – Victoria

Type of food on the menu: Chinese

What Michelin has to say: “Flavours, traditions and techniques from all across China are celebrated here by Andrew Wong. Inspired by his travels through the provinces, he presents his own interpretations of classic dishes using modern techniques and a creative eye, whilst always respecting their heritage.”

4. Sketch (The Lecture Room & Library) – Mayfair

Type of food on the menu: Modern French

What Michelin has to say: “This funhouse is awash with colour, energy and vim and the luxurious ‘Lecture Room & Library’ provides the ideal setting for the sophisticated French cooking. Relax and enjoy artfully presented, elaborate dishes that provide many varieties of flavours and textures.”

5. BRAT – Shoreditch

Type of food on the menu: Traditional British

What Michelin has to say: “In this room on the first floor of a pub, it’s all about cooking over fire. Whole turbot, grilled in a handmade basket over lump wood charcoal, is a speciality but there are plenty of other dishes to enjoy, some inspired by the chef’s Welsh heritage.”

Michelin Star Restaurants in London

6. Sabor

Type of food on the menu: Spanish

What Michelin has to say: “A truly joyful and authentic tapas bar. Start with the pan con tomate at the ground floor counter. Bookings are only taken for El Asador upstairs, where succulent suckling pig and melt-in-the-mouth octopus are the must-haves. You’ll be licking your lips for hours.”

Michelin Star Restaurants in London

7. Hélène Darroze at The Connaught

Type of food on the menu: Modern Cuisine

What Michelin has to say: “From a Solitaire board of 16 marbles, you choose 5 or 7 courses; the visually appealing dishes are built around one high quality main ingredient and are bold, feminine and full of finesse. The wine list offers an impressive choice and the warm service ensures that the wood-panelled room never feels too formal.”

Michelin Star Restaurants in London

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