Vegan Friendly Restaurants In Orlando

The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Orlando

The foodie scene in this city is bursting with creativity, so we wanted to suss out the top seven vegan restaurants in Orlando.

There is little doubt that 2019 has been very much the year that veganism has spread into the mainstream. The shift in eating habits has come to Florida with some incredibly inventive plant-based cooking. Who needs anything else when vegan dishes taste *this* amazing? These are our top picks of both dedicated vegan restaurants and places doing their bit to promote plant-based choices on their menus.

You really will be spoilt for choice as a vegan in Orlando…

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1. The Sanctum Cafe

The Sanctum Café serves up a seasonal non-GMO menu year round. From the chef’s favorite Savage salads that have roasted eggplant and jicama topped with spicy rosemary dressing, to sushi bowls filled with Tamari-roasted sweet potatoes, edamame and ginger-miso dressing, you won’t leave the Sanctum Café hungry.

2. Market On South

Market On South is a plant-based local restaurant, bakery, bar and shared market for local producers. The droolworthy Nopales Tacos are filled with Jackfruit carnitas and smoked napoles cactus.

Sweet tooth? You won’t want to miss what may be some of the best vegan doughnuts in town, a Valhalla Bakery doughnut. With flavours like PB-Pretzel, classic glaze, or their Fruity Pebbles-topped doughnuts, the only hard part is choosing just one.

Vegan Friendly Restaurants In Orlando

3. Dixie Dharma

This vegan hotspot is from the same owners of the Vegan Hot Dog Cart (see below), with Southern comfort food on the menu. Feast on creamy cashew mac ‘n cheese, Carolina-style BBQ jackfruit, and the famous Sloppy Jo! burger. You can also hit them up for brunch, with delights including biscuits and gravy and proper grits – all vegan!

There’s three locations in Florida, so you can get your Dixie Dharma fix easily in the state.

4. Leguminati

First of all, we love the name of this place. Secondly, it also happens to be one of the best vegan restaurants in Orlando, in the Hourglass District at Foxtail Coffee Co. It serves up meatless wonders such as breakfast nachos with tofu scramble and rice paper bacon, and a LGBT sandwich: lettuce, guacamole, rice paper bacon and tomato.

Scroll through their beautiful Instagram to get a better idea of the amazing dishes here. Better yet, pop in and see for yourself.

5. The Vegan Hot Dog Cart

The Vegan Hot Dog Cart is a firm local favorite, where “Notdogs” are the new hotdogs. This hotdog cart serves up delicious vegan grub,, like Philly cheese dogs and cucumber-peach salsa Cajun dogs. All of their toppings are sourced from local growers too.

You’ll wonder why it took so you long to become such a big fan of vegan hot dogs.

6. Purple Ocean Superfood Bar

This cute food truck serves up specialty Acai and Pitaya bowls, bringing a Caribbean feel of Puerto Rico to Orlando. Bowls are beautiful and vibrant feasts with toppings such as Banana, Strawberries, Blueberries, Kiwi, Mango, Coconut Flakes and Agave.
It’s perfect for anyone looking for raw, natural and organic food that’s full of flavour and goodness. Plus, they look super pretty, right?

7. The Greenery Creamery

Although not totally vegan (they use milk from local Florida grass fed cows), The Greenery Creamery is doing their bit with a great range of dairy-free ice creams that are seriously scrumptious. Flavours are creative and change every day, with seasonal specials. Right now there’s a vegan spiced ginger molasses cookie filled with a pumpkin cinnamon almond ice cream. *drools*

Vegan Friendly Restaurants In Orlando

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