The 7 Best Beach Bars in El Nido

The Secret Lagoon in El Nido was recently voted at the No. 5 best beach in the world. With such superb sand, surf and super laid back vibes it makes sense that this Filipino cluster of islands is home to some pretty stellar beach bars as well.

Whether you’re looking to dip your toes into the sand as you sip a fruity cocktail or are after a more pumping, thumping experience along the sandy shores of any Palawan, there’s something here for every kind of taste.

Familiarise yourself with how to island hop around the Philippines and then get ready to head to El Nido for some much-needed and, we’re sure, well-deserved sun and surf. Check out any one of the seven best beach bars in El Nido for a guaranteed good time.

Best Beach Bars In El NidoHow do these rankings work?

1. Panorama Beach Bar

Enchanting strung fairy lights and a magical beach hut vibe make the bar at Panorama Boutique Hotel one of the best beach bars in El Nido. While we definitely suggest stopping by for a stay in one of their villas, simply visiting for a golden hour drink is enough to evoke a sense of wanderlust and amazement. Sunsets on the island are always stunning, but there’s nothing quite like the view you get at Panorama.

Best Beach Bars in El Nido

2. Maremegmeg Beach Bar

Trendy, Instagrammable barront sings and some of the best views in all of Palawan make Maremegmeg one of the absolute best bars in El Nido. Fresh cocktails and tasty bar bites only add to the unique experience that is spending the afternoon here sipping on something strong and tasty. Just make sure you grab a beach chair early and stay for sunset.

Where Are The Best Beach Bars in El Nido

3. SAVA Beach Bar

This is about as beachy as it gets. A trendy interior spills out onto a charming terrace where guests can sip on strong cocktails as they dip their toes into the sand. Sunsets here are superb and you can enjoy last light as you relish in the sound of crashing waves and cosy seats. Locals also note that SAVA is home to some of the best cocktails anywhere in El Nido.

El Nido Beach Bars for Sunset

4. Republica Sunset Bar

According to locals and traveller reviews, Republica Sunset Bar is one of the best beach bars in El Nido if you’re after jaw-dropping sunset views. Interested in uploading a photo to Instagram that’ll make every single one of your followers jealous? This is the place to do so. Enjoy everything from live DJ sets and pink-hued sunsets to strong drinks and tasty eats.

5. Coco Bar

With a name like Coco Bar, you can practically taste the salty sea air and smell the rich coconut oil already. Coco Bar, like many other beach bars in El Nido, is located right along the waterfront. Live music creates a relaxing, fun environment here. And, they’re well-known for their tasty bar food. So, if you get the munchies, you’ll be well taken care of.

6. Happiness Beach Bar

Happiness Beach Bar in El Nido is the perfect mix of eclectic island decor and upscale trendy bar. Bright, natural tones create a warm, inviting atmosphere in which to drink away all your worries. Relax after a day on the beach here, where you’ll still be close enough to head back in for a cheeky dip after a drink or two.

7. Pukka Bar

Pukka is El Nido’s go-to reggae bar. And, once you stumble upon this trendy beach bar, it’s clear that the evening’s going to be full of fun. It’s hard to beat the super laid back vibes you’ll feel at Pukka. This multi-level bar oozes trendy charm with its hip neon lights and island-style decor.

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