Delicious Desserts in Melbourne

The 7 Most Delicious Desserts In Melbourne

When that sweet tooth kicks in and you craving for an indulgent, chocolately and carb-fuelled treat is in full swing, there’s no better place to be than Melbourne. This city has incredible bites to eat and the desserts in Melbourne are no different.

From some of the best ice cream in Australia to new takes on dessert classics, these are the places to go solely for dessert.

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1. Cinnamon Fried Bao at Brother Hen

This sweet sandwich bao is too good not to include. Brother Hen has created an incredibly pretty (and out-of-this-world delicious) cinnamon sugar-dusted fried bao filled with Golden Gaytime and Nutella with honeycomb pieces. The toffee and vanilla ice-cream goes perfectly with the soft, sweet bao.

2. Tipomisu at Tipo 00

One mouthful in and you’ll be drooling over this decadent take on the classic Italian dessert. A rich chocolate brownie base is stuffed with mascarpone, cream, rum and sugar, then drenched in a salted espresso, caramel and dark chocolate sauce.  Our top tip? Order two – you will NOT want to share.

3. Chocolate Pancakes at Axil Coffee Roasters

It’s brunch time, baby! These chocolate pancakes with all the fillings are seriously good. Thick and fluffy pancakes are with rich cocoa, with juicy raspberries and caramel popcorn on top. And of course,  a decent scoop of ice cream!

4. Fried ice cream at Phat

This old school Chinese restaurant treat from Phat, a new stall operating out of Queen Victoria Market on Sundays makes the list. Creamy scoops of vanilla ice cream are deep-fried in a light batter for that perfectly crisp and crackable coating.

Topped with sweet indulgences like caramel sauce, popcorn, jam and mini marshmallows, this is not for the faint of heart…

5. Gelato at Pidapipó

This fantastic gelateria knows that there is no good gelato without great ingredients, so they use only the freshest ingredients that are in season, and make all ice cream on site. Their flavours are the absolute bomb: blackberry and salted chocolate, banana milk or a sweet apple crumble. Easily one of the best ice cream desserts in Melbourne.

best desserts Melbourne

6. Chocolate soufflé at Grossi Florentino

A Melbourne institution for more than a century, Grossi Florentino is famous for its vintage Florentine murals and modern Italian food. The star dessert is the French-inspired, rich yet light chocolate soufflé that’s heaven in a copper pot.

On the menu since forever, it’s made with dark Callebaut cocoa and Valrhona dark chocolate.

best desserts Melbourne

7. Peanut butter parfait at Supernormal

Superchef Andrew McConnell’s Asian-inspired Supernormal is one of Melbourne’s hottest foodie destinations. The peanut butter parfait with salted caramel and soft chocolate is so good – no wonder it has cult status in the city. People come here just to dig into this incredible dessert.

best desserts Melbourne

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