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7 Of The World’s Best Food Halls Worth Traveling For

Over the past few years, the number of food halls around the world has skyrocketed. The beauty of these huge restaurant complexes is that it gives diners the chance to try multiple quality dishes while sharing a sense of community.

These are the best food halls worth traveling for.

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1. Mercato Delle Erbe – Bologna, Italy

In Bologna, this indoor market takes on new life with bustling dining options in an adjacent space. With incredibly fresh and quality ingredients, the food hall is able to make a wide range of dishes. Go with an empty stomach for dinner and drinks.

Best food halls

2. Eataly World – Bologna, Italy

Also located in Bologna, we can’t pass Eataly. Though it is far less authentic than the first market, its sheer size is impressive. Go to see the facility and learn about Italian food production. Enjoy a coffee and a pastry, but don’t pass by local markets for this incredible feat.

3. Krog Street Market – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

This multi-purpose venue is first and foremost a food hall, but there are also other great shops to explore. You’ll find everything from freshly-made pastries to burgers to Korean food. Browse the options with friends, or take a seat inside a full-service restaurant along the perimeter. Regardless of where you eat, this space is well design and beautifully executed.

best food halls

4. Faneuil Hall Marketplace – Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Also known as Quincy Market in Boston, this shopping center is made up of three historic markets. There are tons of shops, restaurants, food stalls and produce stalls to visit. Whether you dine on lobster rolls, curries or a warm bowl of chowder, it’s sure to be fresh and delicious.

5. Lincoln South Food Hall – Seattle, Washington, USA

This Seattle haunt is casual yet sleek and modern. They serve globally-inspired fare and have plenty of choices available. Sit at a community-style table and meet someone new here. As for what to eat? There’s everything from poke to tacos.

6. Revival Food Hall – Chicago, Illinois, USA

Up in Chicago, Revival Food Hall is one of more than 10 of such markets. The polished Art Deco-inspired decor gives it a fun atmosphere, and the food is mouth-watering too. With everything from sandwiches and smoothie bowls to pizza and empanadas, you won’t go hungry here.

7. The Pennsy NYC – New York, USA

The Pennsy feels somewhat sprawling due to the vastness of the market and its large terrace for sunny days. You’ll find a great bar, vegetarian bites and tacos, of course. No matter where you turn, something is sure to grab your attention.

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