how to get from Yangon to Bagan

How To Get From Yangon To Bagan

While you should check for the latest travel updates when planning a trip to Myanmar due to political unrest in certain areas, it’s an exciting and beautiful country to visit. Its capital city, Yagon, is a bright metropolis and there’s amazing scenery as you venture north. One of the most asked questions about travel in Myanmar is figuring out how to get from Yangon to Bagan, a scenic spot up north.

What you choose depends on a number of factors, including your budget, how much time you have to spare and whether or not you can handle a bumpy 10-hour drive with little chance of a toilet break! But hey, adventure is what travel is all about. Here’s your transport options between Yangon and Bagan.

How To Get From Yangon To Bagan

1. Fly From Yangon to Bagan

If you’re tight for time or get carsick, then you might not mind splashing out on a flight from Yangon to Bagan. The flight is about 90 minutes long but can cost you upwards of USD $180 for a return ticket. Check prices from flight comparison websites and book as far in advance as possible to try get a decent deal.

2. Get The Train

For a cheaper transport option, you can get a train all the way. A one-way trip costs just $25USD for a sleeper class ticket, which is a compartment with four beds. And trust us, the train takes 17.5 hours, so you’re gonna want to get some sleep. There’s just one train a day, departing Yangon at 4pm and arriving in Bagan at 9.30am the next day.

You need to book tickets at least five days in advance if you want a chance of getting a sleeper bed. Book in person at a local travel agent, or online here.

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3. Hire a Private Car For Ultimate Comfort

Renting a private car is going to be your best option if you’re looking to enjoy a bit of comfort during your trip from Yangon to Bagan. The trip will take about 10 hours and while it’s more expensive than other options, you’ll enjoy some luxurious advantages. Not only will your driver pick you up from wherever you are, but they will stop whenever you need to for a break.

4. Book Tickets in Advance on Bookaway

Use Bookaway to reserve your tickets in advance for a number of transport options, including standard buses, VIP buses, and private cars. Not only can you be assured that you have a guaranteed ticket, you can also make use of the handy filters for finding the best transport option.

Can’t live without air conditioning for 10 hours? Check. Absolutely need to have a toilet on board? You can choose the exact features you need your transport option to have.

5. Rent a Minivan With Your Friends

If you’re still trying to figure out how to get from Yangon to Bagan and you’re with a group of friends (about 10-15 people), then renting a minivan for your whole group is a safe, affordable option. Often, they end up being just about the same price as a standard bus ticket, but you’ve got the advantage of only being with people you know.

6. Take The Local Bus

Look, we don’t really recommend this as your best option. Bagan is 611km far from Yangon, so it’s a long 10-hour trip to spend crammed into a busy bus with a driver who is more than likely blasting Burmese music. The bus station is about an hour outside of Yangon city centre, so add that time to your journey.

Tickets are cheap however, and if you do want to upgrade you can go with a private company such as Khine Mandalay Express, Famous Express, Elite, Shwe Mandalar Bus, Mandalar Min Express, Bagan Min Thar, or JJ Express Bus.

how to get from Yangon to Bagan


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