Best Winter Rooftop Bars In London

The 7 Best Winter Rooftop Bars In London

Daily high temperatures in London during the winter months tend to average out around 8 to 9° Celsius. However, it’s precisely that time of year when some of the city’s bars tend to come alive in a wonderful whirlwind of enchanting magic. Well, okay, at least if you’re a tourist and it’s your first time here.

You don’t have to wait for sunny days and warm weather to enjoy some of London’s best rooftop bars. During the colder months, they transform them into delightful winter terraces so that guests can still enjoy city views and craft cocktails.

So, go ahead and call up some friends. Put on a coat and cosy into your scarf, even though you might find that’s not even necessary. Order a mulled wine or a cheeky gin and tonic and check out the best winter rooftop bars in London.

Best Winter Rooftop Bars In LondonHow do these rankings work?

1. Rooftop at Queen of Hoxton

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to one of the best winter rooftop bars in London. The Rooftop at Queen of Hoxton is famous for its inventive winter themes. And, this year they’re taking you to the Emerald City. A billowy green tent covers the entire rooftop space, creating a pretty trendy pop-up bar that’s complete with toasted marshmallows and green-coloured cocktails.

Best Winter Rooftop Bars In London

2. Coppa Club

Coppa Club is hot any time of the year. However, come winter you’ll find that it turns into one of the best winter rooftop bars in London. Their iconic igloos provide sweeping views of the Tower Bridge and a flickering light-filled space in which to enjoy your evening. This year, the igloos are bringing the woodlands to the bustling city, offering guests candles and cosy blankets, evergreen trees, and warm rugs.

Best Winter Rooftop Bars In London

3. Skylight

Looking for fun winter activities and some of the most unparalleled views of the London skyline? Skylight is the spot for you. Each year, the Wapping carpark rooftop turns into a festive winter wonderland where you can treat yourself to a lap around the ice rink before settling into a warm little igloo with a hot glass of mulled wine.

4. Coq d’Argent

AT Coq d’Argent you can hire your own private chalet for up to eight guests. Once inside the cosy wooded chalet, you can enjoy delicious Alpine food pairings and Hennessy cocktails as you relax under the fairy lights that cover the ceiling. It’s pretty easy to see what makes this one of the best winter rooftop bars in London.

Best Winter Rooftop Bars in London

5. Pergola Paddington

Pergola Paddington offers visitors the chance to enjoy an urban winter forest right in the heart of one of the world’s most bustling cities. This year they’re upping the ante, offering guests “blankets of fairy lights, a brand new array of seasonal winter foliage and newly-installed tall trees for a cosy forest atmosphere.”

6. Sky Garden’s Moët & Chandon Winter Bar

The Sky Garden is London’s highest landscaped public gardens, meaning that visiting this winter rooftop bar ensures you’ll be perched high enough to enjoy jaw-dropping views of the city. Plush sofas contrast the lush greenery, both of which help increase the luxe value. Enjoy the warm, cosy setting as you sip on some of the finest fizz around.

7. The Culpeper

There’s a lot to love about the winter rooftop bar at The Culpeper. From the modest and rustic aesthetic to the quaint, cosy greenhouses that cover the tables, it’s hard to resist the pull of this unique space. The central focus of this year’s winter theme is English wine. So, for travellers visiting from out of town, it’s an ideal place to learn about local wines while treating themselves to a dive into local culture.

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